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All adult BAME groups were
either less likely or as likely as the white group to appear at magistrates’
court. (Justice, 2016)

Asian young males were as
likely as white young males to be proceeded against there; and

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Black, mixed ethnic, and other
ethnic youth, both male and female were found disproportionately more likely to
be proceeded against at magistrates’ court;

The question is, is
disproportionality found once they are charged? This depends on the measures of
whether the case was at Magistrates’ Court or whether the case was sent for
trial at Crown Court (Justice, 2016) Because indictable
offences are tried at Crown court, this question would require some judgement
as the magistrates courts may send Cases to the crown court (which varies on
the seriousness of the offence committed) Based on magistrates court appearances:

For each white women charged,
0.71 Asian women were charged. (Justice, 2016)

For each white man charged,
0.98 black men and 0.92 Asian men were charged but 1.02 mixed ethnic men were
charged; and

For each young male charged,
1.07 black young males and 1.06 mixed ethnic young males were charged

               The analysis of this table found
that the criminal justice system did add a contingency of disproportionality,
on the contrary, this is rare based on the levels of seen arrest rates (Justice, 2016). In the same way, in
some cases it was evident that white peers experienced a greater disproportionate
outcome opposed to BAME groups (Justice, 2016). Overall, the CPS’s
charging decisions appear to be proportionate. Ethnic groups (BAME) are charged/prosecuted
at rates matching white groups (Lammy, 2017). A small amount of
disproportionality accounted by the CPS (amongst all groups) was small. For

Both black and mixed women were
greater than 2 times more likely to be arrested than white women. (Justice, 2016)

Mixed ethnic men were greater
than 2 times more likely to be arrested than white men; and

Black men were greater than 3
times more likely to be arrested than white counterparts

Black young males were just
under 3 times more likely than white young males to be arrested

Through analyzing
these arrest and prosecution rates in BAME youth and adults, it is evident that
arrest rates are higher for Black males (youth and adults) and Black women
(youth and adults) compared to Asian, Mixed and Chinese counterparts.

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