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Equality: The plan supports the initiative of the community
which maintains a positive attitude towards equal opportunities for education
and creates awareness about its importance for both boys and girls.

Providing school in walking distance,
closer to the place of home.

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Provide child care facilities at the
school premises.

Give an escort for girls, if the school
is away from village or village.

Flexible school time and specific
calendars in the specific region. Job detect problems of children, provide
flexible calendar and special benefits with time.

Appoint more women teachers in rural
areas and secure their residence

Help girls with tuition fees, school
uniforms, school supplies and safe transport by paying more scholarships.

Gender equality is good for everyone;
Boys and girls, men and women. The plan connects with the boys to achieve
gender equality in order to help change the social norms of the entire society.

Increasing awareness of family and
community level will promote positive attitude toward girls’ education.

Make relevant curriculum for the lives
of poor women who are involved in the fight for survival.

To facilitate dropout girls to re-enter
the school system, the facility for “Bridge Program” is initiated.

Include community to manage schools
through campaigning, solidarity and formation, At least 50% of the members of
the village education committee

Increase public opinion for primary
education and especially for public education and for women education.

Create a national mission with timely
goals and goals through National Literacy Mission (NLM), District Primary
Education Project (DPEP) and National Primary Education Mission (NEEM).

            Higher authorities, community
members, NGOs and all people of India must take responsibility for removing
many barriers to education of girls from our society. Every citizen of our
country must remember that national development is not possible without
education of women.

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