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Authorization and

App Service Authentication / Authorization is an element which
enables your application to sign in users with no code changes required on the
application backend. It gives a simple method to secure your application and
work with per-user information.

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The user of the application should know that many devices may have
variations in their security models for programming, which can affect access
authorization resources.

We should not expect that the security mechanisms available on
larger platforms will be available on a mobile software, even if the user uses
the same tools, and perhaps there is no security file at the operating system

The user must define the trust limits within the layers of his
mobile phone applications. For example, between the client and the server or
the server  and the database. This will
help determine where and how to authenticate


Use caching to improve the performance and responsiveness of your
application, and support the process when there is no network connection.
Caching might improve searches for reference data, avoid network round trips,
and prevent redundant processing. The solution here is the ability to store
important user information such as the names of restaurants in their area
without Internet connection. This requires large memory and depends on Mobile Memory.



Data Access

Data access on a mobile device is restricted by unstable network
connections and the hardware is restricted by the device itself. When designing
data access, estimate how low bandwidth, high latency, and discontinuous
connectivity will affect your design. (Microsoft corporation, 2009)

Logging issues

Because of the limited mobile capabilities, logging will be limited
to only the most necessary cases generally, auditing is authoritative if the
audits are generated at the precise time of resource access, and by the same
routines that access the resource. Considering the fact that some of the logs
might have to be generated on the device and must be synchronized with the
server during periods of network connectivity” (Microsoft corporation, 2009)

User Interface

When we
designed Bread Crumbs user interface, we considered some issues, be as simple
as possible and tailor-made for application-based input and limited data entry
capabilities where appropriate. You must look at the fact that your mobile
applications will work in full screen mode and you will be able to view only
one window at a time.

6.4     Data dictionary

Data dictionary, or metadata repository, as defined in the IBM
Dictionary of Computing, is a “centralized repository of information about
data such as meaning, relationships to other data origin and usage.

So when developing programs using the data model, the data dictionary can
be consulted to understand where the data element corresponds to the structure,
the values ??it may contain, and essentially what the data element means in
real terms.

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