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·      Intellectual property:  It talks about creation of mind, like inventions, designs and also artistic works which include music and literature which all can be protected as intellectual property. This law was invented over centuries which gives right to people they create, which is usually for limited period of time.


1.    There are few things which comes under intellectual property:

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Copyrights – it gives the exclusive rights to the creator work for limited time, it is not applicable on ideas and information themselves.

Patents- this right is actually given by the government to the owner to prevent others from selling, using, or sell.

Trademark- it is given sign or expression to a product or services to tell consumers the origin of it.


2.    With a couple of remarkable special cases, the estimation of a business isn’t the resale estimation of its protected innovation. The estimation of a prepared business depends basically on its demonstrated capacity to create cash flow. The estimation of a startup generally relies upon having a decent arrangement to create a decent or administration the market needs and appropriate it adequately and, in particular, a capable group to execute on that plan.



·      Plagiarism: it is attempt to steal another author’s information or ideas and presenting them as their own original work.


1.    there are several ways it causes, when a person fails to cite someone’s work, or don’t use quotation marks when using someone’s exact ideas or words.

2.    People who find internet a good platform to get information and copying related topics.

3.    People who also lack the knowledge how to do proper citations.


·      The factors include ignorance, less efforts in their work, laziness and also unable to manage the time. Also, less commitment towards the work and intention to get the information from other sources.



·      Ethical uses:


1.It can be used in order to detect or mark errors by using intellectual property as a proof.


2. It can also be used as a referral when doing any work with clear standard processing steps.


3. People can get knowledge by the owner’s original work. We can use             the sources to create our own ideas.


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