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1.1 BACKGROUND STUDYCel Shading is a style of computer rendering that replaces the shading gradient of conventional rendering with flat colors and shadows. In layman’s terms, it imitates the look of hand-drawn artwork and animation. Today, cel shading are used widely in animation and video games.  Cel shading is known generally as an artistic style/method of making 3D graphics seems cartoonish with the used of specifically colored texture, and also using outlines to simulate drawing lines. So in this research, researcher will use 3D software to make models and render them in toon shader. 1.2 RESEARCH QUESTIONThis research will be conducted base on these question:1. How does cel shading technique can make 3D animation to look like 2D animation?2. How does cel shading technique can be properly used in 3D animation?3. What is the cel shading element that can be applied to 3D animation? 1.3 PROBLEM STATEMENTOne of the problems arising from relying upon the 2D or 3D rendering capabilities of the computer to produce at least portions of the images comprising cels used in animations is that the typical computer rendered image fails to achieve the cartoon (“toon” ) look of a traditionally hand-drawn cel.  To make this research successful, researcher will need to study a lot of different media such as animations and video games that uses cel shading technique. Researcher will need to identify which style suit the most with the theme of animation that is going to be make. 1.4 OBJECTIVEThere are several objective that the researcher need to achieve in this researchl To study the cel shading technique used in existing animationl To experiment with the shading techniquel To implement the element of cel shading technique in 3d animation 1.5 SIGNIFICANT OF STUDYThe significant of this study is to give more exposure towards cel shaded animation to viewers and animators alike especially in Malaysia. This can give more variety to our local animation 1.6 SCOPE AND LIMITATIONThis research will focused on the application of non-photorealistic cel shading technique in 3D animation. This research will be conducted in Autodesk Maya software. This research will be focusing on the technique to simulate 2D drawing in 3D animation. 

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