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          In the current era of online
processing, maximum of the information is online and  prone to

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To cyber threats. There  are a
huge number of cyber threats and their behavior is difficult to

Early understanding hence difficult to restrict in the early phases of
the cyber-attacks.  Cyber-

Attack may have some motivation behind it or it may be processed unknowingly.
The attacks

These are processed knowingly can be considered as the cyber-crime
and  they have a serious

Impacts over the society in the form of economical disrupt,
psychological disorder, threat to+

National defences etc. Restriction of cyber-crimes is dependent on
proper analysis of their behavior

And understanding of their impacts over various levels of society.
Therefore , the current man uscript

Provides the understanding of cyber-crimes.





                                 The term
‘cyber crime’ is a misnomer. This term has no where been defined in any

                            The concept of
cyber crime is not radically different from the conscept of conventional crime.
Both include

                            Conduct whether act
or omission,which causes breach of rules of law and counter balanced by the

                           Of the state.


Before evaluating the concept of cyber crime it is obvious that the
concept of conventional crime

                           Be discussed and the
points of similarty. The commonly accepted definition of cyber security is the

                           any computer data,
software program ,and data against unauthorized used disclouser,transfer,

                          distruction, wether
accidental or intentional. Cyber attack can come from internal networks other
private and

                           public system.


We discus  bills that
have passed from the preliminary ,on August 11,2016 National Assembly passed
this bill.

This bill have  50
amendments before its enforcement

Bill have 7 Chapters

51 Sections and 98 Clauses

Bill have 21 punishments

Imprisonment from 3 months to 14 years

Fine ranging from 5k to 50 M rupees



National  Assembly Passes New Cyber Crime

On August 11, 2016, Pakistan’s lower house,the National
Assembly, passed a controvertial cyber crime law Prevention of

Electronic crimes Act, 2016. The sentate had unanimously
passed the law, with the number of amendments, in July. The

President gave his assent to the legislation on August 18,
2016. According to the act ,the purpose of the

Legislation is ‘to prevent unauthorized acts with respect to
information system and provide for 

Offences as well as mechanisms for their investigation ,
prosecution  ,trail and international


against information and data system,and Cyber-Terrorism.

The Act introduces a
range of offenses involving the unauthorized access copying , or interference
in an information system or data . (Id$$ 6-8)

 The Act also introduce crimes of spamming and
of distributing and transmitting malicious code.

•      Whoever with dishonest
intention and without authorization copies or transmit or cause to be



6 Months
Imprisonment 100k rupee fine.


Cyber Terrorism

Whoever commit or threaten to
anyone under these offences include

1.      Interference with or
damages, or causes to be interfered with or damaged.

2.      Glorification of offence

3.      Without authorization
copies or transmit or cause to be transmitted.



14 Years imprisonment

 50 M rupee fine


Making Explicit Image or Videos of an Individual: up to Year
in Prison or up to Rs. 5 Million in Fine or both

Spreading False Information about an Indiviual: up to 3 Years
in prison or up to Rs.1 Million in Fine or both

Exampal : you know that info is fake and
you still post on any social site to fall down the reputation of that person

Cyber stalking : up to 3 Years in Jail or up to Rs.1 M fine of both          

Example: You repeatedly call, someone, despite the other party asks
you to not to

You do something in a manner that other party is harassed out
of your action



Unauthorized interception: Up to 2 Years in Prison or Up to Rs.500000
in fine or both

Any transmission that is not intended to be and is not open
to the public,from or within  an
information system

Unauthorized access to information system or data

Unauthorized copying or transmission of data

Interference with information system or data

Cyber terrorism

Glorification of an oggence

Electronic fraud

Making, obtaining, or supplying device for use in offence

Unuthorized interceprtion

Malicious code

Cyber syalking



Paistan Penal Code 1860

Child pornography

Unuthorized issuance of SIM CARDS ETC.




Though not all
people are victims to cyber crimes,they are still at risk. Crimes by computer
vary, and they do not always  occure
behind the computer, but
they executed by computer. The
hacker’s identity is ranged between 12 years young to 67 years old.

Cyber crime is indeed getting the recognition it deserves. In fact,
it is highly likely that cyber crime and its hackers will continue
developing and upgrading to stay ahead of the law .So, to make us a
safer we must need cyber security


CriticiSM On Bill

Bill too harsh with punishment that do not fit.

Restrict freedom of expression and access to information.

The wording of bill leaves many clauses open to

Misused to target journalist source as well.

Mechanism for implementation are missing from this bill.

Athority have lot of powers to block any webite any time.




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