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1. List the knowledge management
initiatives adopted by HP?

The list of knowledge
based initiative by HP for sharing of knowledge and information among the
employees of HP are as follows:

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Trainer’s trading

Network of

Product process

Knowledge for
computer dealers

Trainer’s trading post used Lotus Notes
based forum to form a database where different departments of HP connects with
each other to share knowledge and expertise between them. Trainer trading post
is database forum that involves discussion from different department of HP on a
single platform that also provides the users of this plat form a library that
is full of knowledge content and it also provides review and feedback on these

Network of experts used a methodology
based on the Connex that also means connection to the experts. This initiative
used a browser as database and where the profiles of all the experts within the
different department of HP are made. The user can easily reach to its desired
expert within no time.

Product Process knowledge combine
different PPO’s on a single platform and use a single database to and different
links to spread out knowledge about the product development to different

Knowledge for computer dealers provides
a database forum to dealers of HP customer to search in for the frequently
asked question by the dealers themselves and it provides most relevant and
technical answers other than irrelevant. Thomas H Davenport


2. Explain the impact of adopting knowledge
management practices on HP’s success.

HP took a sharp
step by adopting these different steps of knowledge management practices within
and outside organization, that eventually plays a vital role in the growth and
success of the company in a long run. Each and every knowledge management
practice has its own benefits and perks to the organization. These benefits
cannot be measured in a very short period of time but they can be seen in
numbers in a long run and will show up the percentages of the company in
future. Trainer trading post provides a common stage for the participants and
employees of the company to share and discuss their knowledge and ideas. This
common stage helps to build a library of knowledge and everyone has its access
to this knowledge. The connection of the experts with other departments through
Connex helps to spread the expertise in different to perform efficiently. The
knowledge about the product process of HP on a common database will help all
other department to know more about the products and its importance and in the
end the knowledge management with the computer dealers will automatically build
a log book of solutions from HP. In short all these steps taken will take all
the participants of HP on common grounds and mutual understanding which will
definitely provide success to company. Thomas H Davenport


3. The case study indicated that HP has
used Lotus notes as a technology vehicle to establish different knowledge
bases. Conduct a brief search about Lotus notes and explain how it is useful in
establishing a knowledge base. What is the importance of having a knowledge
base in knowledge management?

Lotus notes is
a user application developed by lotus. It is an application that gathers all
the distributed knowledge on a single platform and make a log of it or in other
words it can also be said it make a library of different distributed documents
that can be easily access by the users of the Lotus notes application. The
users can get their required document or information from the pool and also can
edit the existing or can upload the new one on the table. It is not a type of
only an email conversation but it is type platform which make a database of
documents.  Lotus notes makes a completes
knowledge base on a common pool. Every time a user of lotus notes discusses or
uploads its knowledge on Lotus note it makes a data base of this knowledge on
its database that can be access and used by each and every user of Lotus Notes.
In short the conversation and transfer of knowledge through Lotus notes makes
an informational database on it. Data base plays a vital role in knowledge
management. It provides a common pool to all the expanded and scattered
knowledge on a common pool and this scattered knowledge can be easily managed
when gathered at common place. Thomas Duff, 2008 & Julian Robichaux,


4. Why do you think the Training Review
never took off? What could have Karney done in order to make it work?

Training review
is a type of quality check program started by Karney. It was started in order
to check the quality of the of the information shared on the database. It was
also started in order to check the quantity and quality of knowledge the
participants of the training are getting from this network based knowledge
sharing. Unfortunately, it was never started due to some reason that are listed

The trainer (Educators) were reluctant to give
feedback on the data shared and knowledge shared on the database. They never
comment or give feedbacks on the quality of knowledge shared on the database.
The reason for this can be the low motivation levels of the trainers to
participate and comment on others work. The educator avoids to provide critique
on other work because there was no benefit attach to such work.

The second and the main reason of the failure of
the training review program was there was no financial or non-financial benefit
attach to this work. The trainer will get nothing for their application of
expertise on the particular document. So these two were the main reasons behind
the failure of training review program and it never took off.


Karney could
have started an incentive based program, whether financial or nonfinancial per
review for the success of this program. Thomas H Davenport & Diane
Kelecom, 2014



5. What are the incentives that Karney used
to promote the knowledge bases? What was the effect of those incentives?

Knowing the
critical importance of the participation of the trainers (educators) feedback
and comments on the knowledge shared on the database Karney started an
incentive plan for both the trainers and the participants of the knowledge. At
first these incentives were very basic. He offered free licenses to the
databases who ever will participate in the training review program. These free
licenses were offered to the new users of the database. Later Karney extended
the incentive plan and to make it more eye catching a lucrative he offered a
plan in which, at establishing a new database of knowledge on the Notes, the
first 50 readers on the database will get 3000 airline miles and the submission
of the feedback and comment on the document will get them extra 500 airline
miles. Later this incentive plan was extended to the contribution of documents,
question and responses to that questions.

This incentive
plan shows a little spark in which at least two-third of educators reads one
post and more than third also provided feedback on them. But these numbers were
not that much to satisfy the cause of the knowledge base management systems and
it seems failure to Karney beside providing these all incentive plans to the
participants. Thomas H Davenport


6. Karney declared that there is a risk
with the knowledge base. What was it and how did he propose to overcome it?

Karney show his
concerns about the risk attached to the knowledge base system that was working
through Lotus notes. One of the major risk involve to the Lotus notes based
knowledge management system was the manipulation of data. Any participant or
user of the knowledge management system can edit or change or update it because
it does not require the administrative rights to do so. It is an inherent risk
attached to Lotus Notes based knowledge management systems. This feature also
put a question marks to integrity and reliability of the data on the data base.

The second risk
involved to knowledge base is the reluctant behavior of the participants both
the trainers (Educators) and those who were under training program. This
database needs to continually updating but the lack of participation by the
users put it at the risk.

Karney tries to
overcome both these risks to knowledge base by starting an incentive based plan
for the participants. This can help in more and more participation to the data
base. He offers different free user license and airline mile packages for the
participants of the system.

He also purposes
that there shall be different databases for different sets of knowledge. It can
overcome the risk of integrity and reliability of the data. Ljiljana Ruzic-Dimitrijevic,


7. Why do you think the knowledge
management with PPO customers initiative did not succeed?


The Product
Processes Organization working under HP fulfils different motives like quality,
marketing of the product, safety and environmental effects of products and
others etc. These above mentioned steps are fulfilled by the product generation
information system. Bill, director PPO, involves to mangers of PGIS to develop
a knowledge base information sharing system with the customer. This knowledge
management system fails because of following reasons.

The knowledge base was developed by interviewing
different experts in different departments. It was not directly contributed by
the experts themselves. So this obtained knowledge through experts cannot be
explained in realistic terms.

There were no experts directly involved to this
knowledge base and all the participation was done indirectly. All the
information and knowledge was updated by editors and reporters.

The other reason of failure was involving the
customers of the HP products to put their reviews about processes of the
product on data base. Firstly, it is very difficult to catch the interest of
the customer to such process because of their non-technical background.
Secondly, customer is more interested in products rather than its process. The
customers cannot interpret and understand the technical knowledge shared on the
knowledge base.


The PPO knowledge management group is currently working on three projects. List
these 3 projects, predict some risks that would face the implementation of
these projects and how to overcome them from a knowledge management

The three
projects on which Product Processes Organization is currently working are as

Information that involves sharing of information and gathering all the data
about the competitors of HP

for primary and secondary research information that will provide and share
all the data and information regarding the product.

marketing Intelligence will provide the current and updated situation of
the markets and the trend of the market. Thomas H Davenport



Risk attached to
the above mentioned projects are as follows:

The data about the competitors will be difficult
to be relied on. Fake news and data can be shared. It can never provide the
real data about the competitors.

Failure to attract the participants to involves
in these projects and provide and share their knowledge about the projects.

No incentive for the participants to the
projects will result in failure of involvement of participants to the projects.
Ljiljana Ruzic-Dimitrijevic, 2014


measures can be taken in order to overcome these risks:

Involvement of experts in each particular area
can diminish the risk of reliability and credibility of the information shared.

Incentive plans will help in more participations
to these projects. Diane Kelecom, 2014




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