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The purpose of the literature review is to assessment
the theories and concepts that help to find the base of the research. This
study mainly focusses on consumer buying behaviour. Now the question is what it

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According to, Schiffman & Kanuk, 1996
cited in Saha et al., 2010, p. 40, “Consumer behaviour is the study of how
individuals spend their money on particular consumption. It also includes what
consumer want to buy, why they buy, where they buy it, how often they buy it,
and how often they use it,” Stallworth (2008)
cited in Dudovskiv., 2013, “consumer buying behaviour is a set of activities
that involves product buying and using which resulted from customers emotional
and behavioural response. consumers make many buying decisions. Most
companies do market research to find out the existing buying behaviour for
making better product development. The consumer
purchase decisions are strongly influenced by cultural, social, personal and
psychological factors. Social factors like family members relatives, friends,
personal factors like age, gender, education, lifestyle, personality and income.


According to,
Yaragumelioglu, 2014 cited in Saritas et al., 2017, “Brand Loyalty is the stage
of psychological processes of selecting a brand among others brand, deciding
and evaluating. In short it means the behaviour as evaluation and preference.
However, brand loyalty does not depend only repetitive buying but also require
emotional connection between the brand and consumer”. According to, Konecnik, 2006 cited in chow et al., 2017, “perceived quality is the customer
judgement of the superiority and excellence of a brand”. According to,
Bilgili & Ozkul cited in Chinomona et al., 2017,”Brand awareness includes
brand acquaintance, potential of being remembered, information and idea about
the brand or particular product”. References:v 
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