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organizations want to gain achievement and success and have desire to get persistent
progress., even in present environment which is highly competitive and
operations regardless of size, technology and market focus are facing employee maintenance
challenges. Every business owner is clear about the value of their workforce.
Employees with high qualities play crutial roles in the development of whole
business and “good employees sell more products, engage with customers in a
genuine way, and act as brand ambassadors in the store and outside in their
daily lives” (Ufford, 2017). As Marco Martin in the article “Three proven ways
to motivated your sales team” stated “A motivated sales staff is critical to
the success of your company. The relationship they build with the clients and
create the foundation of your organization – not just in terms of individual
sales, but also your overall reputation and growth”. If the employees are not
satisfied with their jobs as well as not motivated to accomplish their task and
achieve their aims, the organizations are not able to attain success. Motivation
at work is definitely essential but it is still a challenge. Thus, the aim of
this research paper, based on secondary research, is to discuss the definition
of motivation and examine the ways to foster motivation and the effects of it
on employees’ efficiency.

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2. Discussion of

2.1. Background
information about motivation

originality of the word motivation is from the word “motive” which are needs,
wants, demands, ambitions, desires or emotions of a person. According
to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary (as cited in Manzoor, 2011), a motive is
“something a need or desire that causes a person to act”. As Rabey (2001, as
cited in Dozier, 2011) mentioned , motivation has been defined as the
internalized drive that is more dominant in an individual at a given moment. Motivation
is a process which target is to make people more enthusiastic to attain the
aims. According to Luthans (as cited in Chand), “A motive is an inner state
that energizes/activates or vows and that directs or channels behavior towards
goals”. Motivation is something that drives the person to action and follow the
course of action.

workplace, motivation stimulates the expression of employees’ external
enthusiasm and drive to complete tasks related to work as well as the
objectives of the organizations. Additionally, Chand stated that motivation
meaned to the way a man was enthused at work to intensity his desire and
willingness to use his energy for the achievement of organizational aims.

is many-faceted. Features that could influence an individual’s motivation are
biological, mental, social and emotional factors. As such, motivation is a
complex, not easily defined, an intrinsic driving force that can also be
influenced by external factors (Susan, 2016).

plays a considerably crucial role and place in the whole process of management.
Motivation is essential on account of the fact that it is vital for human nature
to get some sort of inducement or incentive so as to perform better. As Nasibov
stated, “Motivation of employees is one function which every manager has to
perform along with other managerial functions. A manager has to function as a
friend and motivator of his subordinates”. Motivation plays an important part
in every aspect of life; therefore, business has no exception.

2.2. How to foster employee

 It is difficult for employers to find out the
ways how to boost employee motivation at work. Creating a motivated work
environment is a task that involves the satisfaction of both internal and
external factors. “Employee motivation is the combination of fulfilling the
employee’s needs and expectations from work and the workplace factors that
enable employee motivation – or not”, according to Susan (2017). These things
make employee motivation become challenging.

can not be denied that the first thing employers have to do is to let employees
know they trust them. They are likely to become more confident if they know
that they are trusted and depended on. They would try to do the best job
possible and seldom disappoint their employers.

a goal is a result that employees expect to gain successfully during work
times. It is necessary for the managers to create a list of goals that workers
can try their best to attain. The goals are liable to release the enthusiasm
and positive energy. Starting setting up smaller goals will be better to keep
people in it. As Gremion (as cited in Pozin, 2015) reported, “Rather than make
a billion this year, focus on getting 100 new customers this week – something
will get you to that billion”. Reward, together with goals, is a classic
approach to motivate employees. Rewards are one of the most effective tools of
management which have a great influence on individual or group attitudes as
well as behaviors. Rewards for achieving the goals can be small or lofty.
Increases in salaries and bonuses are a great way to show the motivation in
order to make employees stay for a long run and strive to meet sales goals. In
other words, financial rewards have the ability to boost individuals toward
higher performance. Providing bonuses can be based on performance reviews, top
sales, etc.

addition, the chances for employees to improve their skills and abilities need
to be provided. “Employees want to continue to develop their knowledge and
skills. Employees do not want jobs that they perceive as no-brain drudge work”
(Susan,2016). Employees who are motivated to do better need to know where they
stand and how to develop themselves.

more substantial aspect is that employees concerns and complaints should be
addressed. “Listening to employee complaints and keeping the employee informed
about how you are addressing the complaint are critical to producing a
motivating work environment.” (Susan,2016). Although some complaints can not be
resolved in order to make employees satisfied, it is highly appreciated.

2.3. What are the impacts of employee
motivation in their efficiency?

productivity of an organization show its efficiency. Productivity can be
defined as the inert achievement of rapid, sustainable as well as measurable
improvements in operations, according to Reference Answers (2010, as cited in
Dozier, 2011). A system which is considered as a productive one is a system
which is able to achieve its aims and meet its customers’ demand. From human
perspectives, productivity as well as efficiency are regarded as an evidential
output which is both measurable and profitable. Productivity is based on
employees’ performance; therefore, giving employees motivation makes a great
impact on total organization’ productivity.

efficiency is a long-term advantage of employee motivation. It is undoubtedly
true that motivated employees tend to be more enthusiastic and productive than
non-motivated ones. A motivated employee will motivate others in the same way
in office. Employees will perform in a better way in their specific job roles
if they feel euphoric and satisfied. Then the result will be good as a matter
of course. A stimulated employee is more liable to create more to the benefit
of the organization. Shadare and Hammed (2000, as cited in Dozier, 2011) argued
that most of the successful people that are around, have been proved to be very
efficient time managers.

who are encouraged by a high degree of motivation express a higher work and
life satisfaction. An internally satisfied, delighted and motivated worker or
employee is actually a productive employee in an organization which contributes
in efficiency and effectiveness of organization which leads to maximization of
profits , according to Matthew.J. (2009, as cited in Manzoor, 2011). The
motivation leads to high level of initiative and creativity from the employee
and where monitoring is difficult, motivation is therefore extremely important
for ensuring high quality performance (Osabiya & Joseph, 2014). Thus, a
positive relationship and a concrete connection between employee motivation and
efficiency can not be denied.

3. Conclusion




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