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Supply Chain Management is an activity that controls the inventory from the supplier to the end consumer at the lowest price, at the right place, at the right time. It is also be defined as profit maximization (Hise, 1995; Nelson Toledano, 1979). As the time passing supply chain is growing rapidly also getting more complex due to global sourcing. The supply chain management is used in business organizations to fulfill the demand, reduce the cost, mitigate the risk through creating more resilient & for the profit maximization. Due to the advancement of globalization in industries, it is affecting in the supply chain through challenges of increased uncertainties in both demand & supply.    

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(John Storey, Caroline Emberson, Janet Godsell, Alan Harrison 2006) in their paper “Supply Management: theory, practice & future challenges” they assess the recent development of theory & practices in supply chain management through the examination it is pointed out barriers, possibilities & key trends. The paper identifies the supply chain is at best, the range of key barriers which enables SCM in terms of both theory & practice. (Omera Khan, Bernard Burnes, 2007) in their study “Risk & supply chain management: creating a research agenda” their research was based on risk & supply chain management. Moreover, the paper shows the risk of theory supply chain management is in an initial stage which needs to be tested. ( Dornier et al.., 1998; Brush et al., 1999; Trent and Monczka, 2003) finds the value & the need of global supply chain for integration & play important role in competitive strategy. Current study understands how supply chain affecting organizations, & what are the challenges that are facing to improve overall performance



The following questions were used in this research paper:

What are the challenges of Supply Chain Management?

How to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by Supply Chain Management?

Different case study, research question & literature study has been studied to find out the answers.

The necessary part of research question is Literature study for the perspective of already researched in supply chain management. Several literatures have been taken, trying to oversee the challenges from a large perspective, the cases were selected randomly & the case studies were descriptive by nature.

4.      FINDINGS

Following challenges faced by the Supply Chain Managers.

1.      For various activities, the allocation of resources involves decision for the purpose of profit maximisation & decreasing the cost or both.

2.       Only the specific strategy for integrating supply chain within the overall corporate business strategy.

3.      After go through the different research papers, it is identifies that the researcher try to specify the challenges of SCM from the one perspectives. Following are the three perspectives that discuss in previous research papers.

a.       Technical perspective

b.      Managerial perspective

c.       Relationship perspective

All challenges are integrated in a single extensive source. It is assumed that the following integration is beneficial for SCM.

a.       For managing challenges better allocate resources

b.      Priorities the challenges effectively

c.       Reduce the complexity of the challenges


To determine the supply chain performance leads to recognising problems, risk & opportunities. Measuring a key parts &a strategy are necessary to master & a better control of supply chain. Placing a process of people & technology which leads to creating a competitive advantage for the present & future perspective. If not, the competitor will do & take the advantage of the market. In supply chain it involves both people & the technology for the company purpose & to enable all participants to know what is required.



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