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1.     The
main point in this article was talking about tattoos and the judgments that
they may have when other people are able to see them. The researchers wanted to
get a better idea about who people are “judging more” based on gender, age,

2.     1.
Tattoos have become a big thing in our society, especially at a certain time in
our life. Past researchers even called this time the “renaissance” because of
how many people were getting tattoos. (Gilbert,2001)

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Although tattoos are very popular, many people don’t know that it can come with
health problems. Some health problems can be serious, and people should be
informed before making the decision to get a tattoo. (Stirn, 2003)

Men are more likely to get a tattoo because it makes them feel masculine. With
that said, it means they are also more likely (over females) to get a tattoo
somewhere that is visible. (Laumann & Derick, 2006)

Another reason that men might get a tattoo is to fit into a certain group. Many
of their friends might have them, or people they see often. They want to look
cool and continue to be masculine. (Horne et al., 2007)

3.     From
their findings, researchers concluded that women without tattoos were healthier,
and men with tattoos were more masculine. Also, that women get a tattoo to decorate
her body and men get a tattoo to fit into a certain group.

4.     I
felt like this article had many different theories. There are so many
discussions that can take place because of this topic. Tattoos influence people’s
opinion, but its also about who gets them. The gender, age, status, or health
of a person can be a key factor if someone will judge them or not.

5.     *******

Women with tattoo

Women without tattoo

Man with tattoo

Man without tattoo

Man with visible tattoo

Women with visible tattoo

Women no visible tattoo

Man with no visible tattoo

          6. The results of this study concluded
that people see women with tattoos to not be as healthy as a woman with no
tattoo. Men who are tattooed are also more dominant

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