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1.  Define the Organisation


Ø Nature of the business

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Fernite of Sheffield Limited is machine knifes manufacturers and steel stockholders selling Spring steel strip. Fernite is involved in the food, printing, packaging, plastics and recycling industries. There are four divisions of the company, Print Blade, Fernite machine knifes, BSS Spring Steel Strips and AF Whiteley Granulator blades.


Ø Vision/Mission/Objectives


Fernite of Sheffield Limited believes in building a great UK manufacturing business. They aim to be the favourite supplier of their customers not only but also, they believe in manufacturing great products with friendly and reliable service. To do so, they put a lot of efforts to the customer support so that the customers get the best service when it comes to reliability and also problem-solving respond to the issues the customers experience. Another thing that the company aims for is building a great place to work for its employees so that they can enjoy what they in the environment that surrounds them. Also, the company invest in new technology and it aims to continue doing that and even increase the upgrades of the existing technology.


Ø Culture and Management style


Fernite of Sheffield Limited is an exporting company that serves markets all over the world including, Europe, United States of America, Asia, Australia and many more. They have a problem-solving culture which means that if a customer has a problem with a blade, they will do their best to solve it even if they have not yet been involved in that industry. Fernite is a passionate company that has belief, energy and enthusiasm to be the best in everything the company does. The company invests not only in technology but also in its team. Recently the company expanded its team with two new roles which are ‘Group Operations Manager’ and ‘Marketing Executive’.



Ø Relevant Background/History


The nearby relationship of Sheffield city with cutlery making started in the fifteenth century and this is the time when Sheffield first received its charter. In the centuries that followed the impressive reputation of the city continued to flourish. By the middle 1600s, the city’s notoriety for being the inside for cutlery creation in England was great to the point that Chaucer even alludes to it in ‘The Canterbury Tales’.


What enabled Sheffield to wind up plainly a world pioneer in the business was its capacity to exploit progressive advances in metallurgy. From the mid-eighteenth century onwards, these prompted incredible advances in the cutlery creation forms utilized as a part of the city. Cauldron steel and silver plating made immense measures of riches here – at any rate for the prosperous steel producers. Then again, conditions for most working individuals were poor, with congestion, uncontrolled contamination from processing plants and foundries, and illness. Fernite of Sheffield Limited was founded in 1832 under the name Fearnehough and Sons Limited by Joseph Fearnehough. Under the heading of Joseph and his family, the company advanced through a variety of changes such as changing its name to ‘Fernite’ which was actually derived from the surname of its founder. Fernite is a trademark which speaks for the genuine Sheffield quality in the making of machine knives. The organization moved to Darnall in 1969 which is its present site and in 1996 the Fearnehough and Sons Ltd. organization changed its name to the brad Fernite. The ‘Made in Sheffield’ marque has turned out to be much more restrictive and evaluated in the business and the Fernite of Sheffield Limited organization is respected to convey that marque. Fernite has a fine legacy, impeccable notoriety and persevering associations with clients around the world, which gladly keeps on being thrived and maintained by the organization.


Ø Structure


2.  Define you Position in the Organisation.


Ø An Organisation chart/ The Structure of your Department/ The Reporting Structure

Ø The title of those with whom you work

Ø The tasks you have to carry out/ How they relate to the overall objectives of the organisation

Ø Your responsibilities


3.  Describe the Environment of the Organisation


Ø Any relationships with government/ political aspects

Ø The marketplace / Market share / Competitors

Ø The legal position

Ø Collaborations / Joint ventures global company? , local versus international

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