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1) Why is Operations management important
in CDS?

·       Operation
management is tool which includes activities like manufacturing, planning the
product and the sequence of operations, forecasting the demand and inventory
along with the distribution of goods and services across various locations.

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·       It helps to
keep a track of the demand of a product in the market which enables to plan the

·       It also
includes gathering of customer reviews and the expectations and requirements of
the customers which help to meet the customer expectations thereby resulting in
an increase in customer satisfaction.

·       The
analysis of all the data helps to create a forecast of the demand of the
product and helps to prepare a weekly and a monthly schedule which helps to
meet the goals of the firm thereby resulting in an increase in the firm profit.



2) Draw a 4 Vs profile for
company’s products and services.


Low                                                                                                                                      High



High                                              Low



High                                                                                                                                       Low



High                                                                                                                                       Low






The concept products were
manufactured in small batches; thus, the volume of concept product is low as
compared to the volume of focus products.


The variety of concept product is
high as compared to the variety of focus products. The new range of concept
products were launched periodically which enabled it to have large variety of


The concept products strive to
create innovative products thus the variability of concept product is high as
compared to the variation of focus product.


The focus products were delivered
to only 5 customers, while the concept product was spread over to 3000 retail outlets.
Thus, the visibility of focus product is low as compared to the visibility of
the concept product.



3) What would you recommend to the
company if they asked you to advise them in improving their operations?

·       Since new
demands from the customers turn up during the beginning of the week, it is
recommended to forecast the weeks schedule during the start of the week that is
on Monday or on Tuesday so that the demands are met without causing any
significant disruption to manufacturing and distribution operations.

·       Another way
to improve the production of the firm is by planning and preparing the plan of
work at the end of the previous day. This would help to plan the next days
schedule based on the availability of the inventory as well as on the basis of
the demand of the product.

·       To improve
the operations of the company it is necessary for the designers to have a clear
picture of the requirements of the customers. To achieve this, it is necessary
to contact the current and past customers to achieve the data necessary to
implement the necessary changes which would enable to provide a better customer

·       Since
changing of the moulds is a time-consuming process, it would be beneficial for
the company to outsource the components which require less precision and the
ones which requires continuous changing of the moulds which would enable the
firm to reduce the lead time thereby resulting in an increase in the
productivity of the firm.

·       The
operations can be improved by taking the feedback of the employees of the firm.
The feedback of the employees would play a vital role in determining the
overall success of the firm.

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