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She makes him feel like nothing he ever achieves is good enough.

Another drama act of a dating drama queen is to exaggerate stories
that will make her as a helpless victim. It will definitely turn potential
partner off. Never elaborate anything that had transpired in complete detail.

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Problems seem to pursue her like the plague.

It isn’t wise talking about trivial matters like your car needs
fixing for the nth time because a family member broke it down; or perhaps
having unpaid bills because you lend your money to a needy co-worker, etc. Bear
in mind that your date is not a guidance counselor nor psychiatrists where you
can air out anything you want to.

She likes to argue, and I don’t mean a debate.

Pretending that you have a lot of knowledge stuffed inside your brain; starting a debate
with your date isn’t logical at all. You might end up humiliated especially if
the man in front of you is smarter than you are. Instead of impressing him, it
will only leave a stigma to your personality.

She just isn’t happy.

Showing your date that you are sad is quite different from telling him that you are not happy because everybody makes you
feel bad. This act doesn’t sell at all; you better find another topic such as his activities during his free time would
certainly paint a smile on his face. It might make him linger for another
couple of minutes instead of making an excuse to get away from you.

She’s insecure and anxious he may desert her, which creates

When you are dating, do not ever allow the other
party notice your insecurities. Never tell him of your jealousy towards your
previous husband as it might give him reason to get away from you as soon as
possible. Men by nature hate possessive women, which is why telling him about
your jealous encounters with your ex-husband is a red flag.

She is a tad bit unstable.

Finally, telling your date about your emotional outburst like
burning your ex-husband’s clothes, or poured dishwashing soap in
his gas tank indicates that you are not mentally fit. If that’s the case, you
better consider your date history. You will never ever see him again.

now that you know several lists of dating drama acts, ask yourself if you had
ever done that for once in your dating life is concerned. If you did, then it’s
finally time for you to go on dating without drama and you will be surprised to
see the result. 

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