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to Babywise, are human infants Good (equipped at birth with positive
tendencies), Bad (have innately bad tendencies at birth, Blank Slate (have no
skills, abilities, or tendencies at birth)? 

According to
babywise human infans are born with bad tendencies. The bad tendencies this
refers to is seen as the baby dictating when their parents feed them and when
they sleep. The babies are able to do this by crying (signaling) to their
parents when they are hungry or tired. Also from the article “Babies: Course
that preaches feeding babies by the clock has experts worried”, Dr.Buckham who
is a co-author of the babywise book states that as the child gets older, they
will see every whine as an opportunity to feed thus making them become “brats”.

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2. According to Babywise, Should development of an infant be shaped by Nature
or Nurture? What is the most important force? 

According to
Babywise, they place the most important force of child development is Nurture.
Babywise brings up the concept that the parents should have all the control in
determining a baby’s needs.  From the
article “Growing Controversy” we see that babywise makes the parents use a
method known as “parent directed feeding”, in which the parent dictates when
the child eats, which was usually every 4 hours. Also from “Babies: Course that
preaches feeding babies by the clock has experts worried” , Pediatrician
Dr.John Wright states that the program shows little regard to a baby’s needs
and focuses on the parents being the determining factor for what the baby

3. According to Babywise, Do babies develop the same or differently? Is
development universal or particularistic? 

According to
Babywise, they state that babies develop universally. The book talks about it the
idea of feeding your infant every 4 hours, instead of when the baby demands it
and also feeding your child only three meals a day once they have reached the
age of 6-months. The book also claims that these methods will suit every child.
From the article “Babies: Course that preaches feeding babies by the clock has
experts worried”, the babywise program provides a video program that shows
parents a layout for a step by step guide that helps with parenting their child
for the first five months of their life. And from the “growing Controversy”
article we see that Babywise also claims to be able to train all babies to
sleep through the night by the age of 8 weeks.



4. According to Babywise, Is Development Passive (infant plays no role) or
Active (infant determines developmental outcomes)? 

According to
babywise the development of an infant is passive. As stated before, the baby
does not demand or initiate their needs in the Babywise development cycle,
instead the parents have control over all the baby’s needs. The parents are the
ones that determine the developmental outcomes. From the article “Growing
Controversy” we see a pediatrician Dr. Linda Meloy,
who teaches Babywise courses, state that the material she teaches seems to
strengthen the authority that parents should have in a child’s life that
currently has been lost in today’s culture. From the article “Babies: Course
that preaches feeding babies by the clock has experts worried”, Ben Sternberg (parent
user of the babywise course) speaks about how babies wont starve if they aren’t
feed every three hours, and that schedule is a good thing to have when you have
scheduled lives. So based off these two examples of users and teachers of the
Babywise material, we can clearly see the infant has a passive role in its


5. According to Babywise, Is Development Continuous or Discontinuous? 

According to
babywise, an infant’s development leans toward discontinuous. Where once the
child is born they are taught to understand that they cannot dictate their
needs and that they must adhere to the way of their parents schedule and how
they want to do things. From “Babies: Course that preaches feeding babies by
the clock has experts worried” we can see the Sternberg couple again talking
about how the course has taught them that newborns have to learn that the world
does not revolve around them and that their every needs and wants are not
always satisfied. 

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