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General Document Control Guidelines

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purpose of this process is to ensure that the precise version of documents /
details / data and proper information flow is available at all the times to the
concern stake holders of the project.

The information management system planned for our program / project
management being enumerated in this section in detail.

Format and availability of documents

Program Level Documents

level documents shall be maintained by Gleeds and shall be made available to
Shell / Concern team member as and when required and features of the same are
as below

Gleeds shall be the owner of the documents and edit / amend /
incorporate changes if any required in the document from time to time.

Gleeds shall name the document with document number for reference and
for records.

Gleeds shall be maintaining the following key documents as part of
program management.

Meeting Agendas

Minutes of Meetings with meeting attendance

Training Attendance, if any

Project Reports

Project Level Documents

level master documents pertaining to design and detailing shall be maintained
by FES / Ramboll, and the same shall be shared to Gleeds for issue to URC
Construction team for execution. FES / Ramboll Shall be providing drawings /
detailing, and drawing register updated from time to time shall be provided to

FES shall provide drawings and detailing to Gleeds with revision numbers
and date incorporated in the document.

FES shall provide dwg issue register to Gleeds with details of
superseded drawings highlighted on it.

Gleeds shall issue the detailing and drawing to URC Construction team
for execution along with transmittal for acceptance of receipt of the same.

level documents pertaining to Execution shall be maintained by URC Construction
team as per guidance of Gleeds and shall be made available to Gleeds / Shell /
Concern team member as and when required and features of the same are as below.

Training provided to staff members / sub vendors along with attendance

All Project execution files, from start to end of the project (as
mentioned in the various sections of this PEP)

Statutory compliance documents to execute the project as per local

Please refer the attached file for exhaustive
documentation protocol, from which necessary documents to be prepared and
maintained by EPCM Team members as mutually agreed.

11.3. Document control

Documents control shall govern the
safety / confidentiality of the document. Proper maintenance of the documents
and updating of documents on periodic interval is essential to have a robust
information flow to all concern stake holders and at right time with most
possible accuracy in detailing and data.

As part of document control revision sheets, with revision number and
revision date shall be maintained in all documents generated by EPCM Team

Folder management shall be done for various subjects / processes
separately for ease of access by EPCM Team.

Documents shall be easily accessible by proving efficient communication
on the right document to all stakeholders in the project by EPCM Team.

Documents, which are superseded shall be prominently notified to concerned
team members on right time / immediately upon any change by respective EPCM

Filing and archiving

filing and archiving shall be carried out by respective EPCM Team members on
respective subject matters and the same shall be prominently notified for ease
/ knowledge / benefit of other stake holders to access the same for future
reference and for records.

EPCM Filing system is
embedded below for easy reference

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