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10 Mysterious Places Around The World10 Mysterious Places Around The World: There are many place inworldwide which are full of secrets. A number of these places of secrets to scientists today to have no well resolved while many places to solve partially the mysteries although continuing research yet to reach a final conclusion. About so many places and many find we no longer have you discussed on this blog. (Eg – some archaeological SEARCH looked puzzled scientists have tobother, five mystical framework that world really did not know untiltoday, the Bermuda Triangle, including land that place a unique andmysterious).Today in this post we’re talking about 10 such places. So instead of these has become a hotspot for tourists.1. Blood Falls, Antarctica (Blood Falls, Antarctica): -frozen at Taylor Glacier in Antarctica is such a place in the snow, where the flowing cascade of red. Seeing it seems to be bleeding from the waterfall. However, scientists have said this several research but does not remove any definite result. He estimated it to this place beneath the snow may turn red, which has a plurality of iron water. Although Lala waterfall remains a mystery.2. Magnetic Hill, Moncton, New Brunswick (Magnetic Hill, Moncton, New BrunswickThe Magnetic Hill is special in itself. On this hill so magnetic effects that start by the car seems to be running without. The hill was detected in 1930. Explore the secrets of this place work is still ongoing. This place has become the place a camper today. Our country is a Magnetic Hill in Ladakh region. About the show you will never expand.3. Surtsey, Iceland (Surtsey, Iceland): -Icelandic Island is nothing short of a mystery. Before 1963 the existence of the island was not. In 1963 cracked suddenly a volcano in the water here. Volcanoes are frequent eruptions until 1967, and as well as the size of the volcano and increasing altitude. In 1967, when the volcano has completely left the Island on the Shannt here. (Also read -Bisv 14 Weird Island)4. goatskin Stone, New Zealand (Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand):South Island pile of stones of 12-12 feet on Kohe Beach located in New Zealand’s East Coast at any wonders no. It’s like oysters and pearls stone appearance. These stone-shaped structure of the building has been the freezing of millions around the fossil or solid object in rainfall and sea sand. On is found in many places, such Snrcnaa Bisv on this structure are found in the larger sizes.5. Longyearbyen, Norway (Longyearbyen, Norway): -Norwegian islands of Svalbard, Greenland and the Arctic Ocean. This here place about called April 20 to August 23 the sun does not set. Night or day, it looks like the sun.6. Pamukkale, Turkey (Pamukkale, Turkey): -Cities This place is a wonder in itself Pamukkale in Turkey. Here are 17 natural hot springs. It’s thousands of year on spring natural hot water. These causes Jrno calcium carbonate from coming into contact with the external air Cities minerals in the water is deposited on the edges of these Jrno of thousands of year, which is taken in Jrno the swimming pool shaped. These hot water temperature in the springs ranges between 100 degrees to 37 degrees. Been bathing in this kind of natural hot water in our body especially is especially beneficial for the skin. So here quite a number on people.7. Internal Flame Falls, Orched Park, New York (Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park,make a small waterfall flows, where the flame burning here. The view wonder who the hell is this flame is how. After research, scientists have discovered that there releases methane gas from under the rocks. Perhaps someone at the beginning of the 20th century ablaze in the methane gas. When the lights up continuously. in InKangra of Himachal PradeshIndiatemple a major force back the volcano goddess Cities parents  nine natural flame constantly burning since ancient aretimes.8. fleetingly Stone – Death Valley, California (Moving Stones – Death Valley, Californiahere’s some rocks in California’s Death Valley children had itself remains incomprehensible puzzle to dodge NASA. Racetrack Playa 2.5 miles from north to south and 1.25 miles west Ttk absolutely flat. But there are scattered boulders keep pushing itself. There are more stones than 150. However, one has not seen fleetingly them eyes. In winter, these stones are found drifts up to more than 250 meters away. To solve this mystery in 1972 went a team of scientists. Team naming a group of stones studied seven years on it. Not move at all during the Stone studied nearly 317 kilograms of kerryn name. But when scientists there returned a few years later, they found 1 km from the kerryn. Scientists now it is believed due to winds pace.9. Old Faithful, Yellowstone  Park (Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park)NationalYellowstone See the most natural geyser in the world in the National Park. Natural geyser is the fountain of hot water in a way in which survives as a fountain from within the ground water. The 300 natural geyser in the park. But these Sbme The famous Old Faithfull. It is the fountain of the highest hot water in the world. It keeps exploding regularly. But these patterns of the blasts remains puzzle today crown Archaeologists. As they have no fixed order of the blasts.10. Relampago del Katatumbo, Ologa (Relampago del Catatumbo, Ologa, VenezuelaThe Maracaibo Lake along the south west region of Venezuela. In the corner of the lake lightning fastest frequency of the world over the mountains. Here is the record of 250 times lightning every year per square kilometer. The peak May and October of lightning when there is flashing more frequently power 200 every night. Walking by the lake often see this spectacle.

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