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Diamond Suites and Residences
offers their customers the best products and services they can give. The
researchers recommend for Diamond Suites and Residences management should be
ready for adjustments and new products and services to serve their customers
better for them to outmaneuver their competitors. Advertise their service and
products to draw more customers to stay and try their hotel. Customers expect
nothing but the best service the hotel can give. The biggest gap score in our
survey is tangibles, customer complaints should be well respected by the
management in order for the hotel’s customers to be satisfied by their
products. We recommend the management to train their staffs in handling their
customers with outmost care and respect especially the receptionist because
they are the one who can get customers impression in entering the hotel. We
also recommend the management to have their facilities check from time to time
and update it to newer ones if needed. Facilities also reflects  and has a direct impact to the cleanliness and
image of the hotel. 

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