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The environmental problem
that I am interested in is the ineffective management of waste. Lebanon is
currently having a garbage crisis, where the accumulation of garbage is causing
marine habitat description, and the combustion of waste is leading to toxins
being released into the atmosphere. The majority of my close relatives live in
Lebanon, and my loved ones are highly affected by the consequences of the
accumulation of garbage. The Lebanese government, as well as many other
governments, have not found effective ways to manage solid waste and this has
led to adverse effects on the environment. A potential solution to this problem
is the encouragement of citizens to recycle, thus potentially dramatically
decreasing the rate at which the amount of waste grows. Other countries like
Germany and Austria invest money into the sorting of solid waste into
recyclable and non-recyclable waste, and get returns on their investments.

Waste management is actually seen as a business opportunity in these countries.

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There is a plethora of information about the waste management plans other
countries have put in place, and which countries are the most effective at
managing waste. 

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