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1)Two way interaction : X’s  behavior is the reason of the Y’s behavior
and Y’s behavior is the reason of X’s behavior. Both of them have influences on
each other . It will be two way interaction .

Example : Woman doesn’t want to have sex with her
husband ; man  uses violence against her
wife and humiliates her. He forces her to have sex . When he continues his
forceful actions, she is getting far away from him and doesn’t want to have
sex. His dominant and forceful actions causes of her response to him and also
her unwillingness for sex is reason of his behaviors. Both of them are related
directly with each other.

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2)Marital Coalition :Marriage is composed of two
individual’s life.They brings their values,family origins, cultures and
lifestyle to their new marriage life. It requires common agreements for
successful marriage.They will develop an identity as a couple. We called this
‘marital coalition’.

Mariam and Muzaffar are married couples. Mariam is from Palestine,
Muzaffar is from India . Palestinian and Indian cultures are almost different
from each other but they found a way to work things out. She learned about
Indian culture and started cooking Indian food.He also learned about Arab
cultures and traditions. Both of them have different values , backgrounds but
they have alliance in their marriage life.

3)Cohabiting: Living together as an unmarried
couple. It  has many reasons behind of

Example:  Ay?e
and Asif  have 2 years relationship. They
feel like both of them want to marry but they were perplexed and had
hesitations about marriage. They wanted to live together before marriage and
see how is it going.

4)Divorce:  It
is the dissolution of marriage , termination of the marriage. It requires many
changes in individual’s life.

Example: Sally was cheating on her husband and she
decided to get out of this relationship. She wants to get divorce and her
marriage will break down.

5)Stepfamilies: In this family , there is two adults
and at least one of them have a kid . Individuals decide to have family
together and get married again. In this family type has many differences than
the another families.They all have past experiences and they has to build new relationships
between children and stepparents are important in this family type.

Johannes lost her husband and she has a daughter . She feels so lonely .
She met with a man who is widower and has 2 daughters. They like each other and
decide to get married again.

6)Sexual abuse: It is the act of having sex with
someone without person’s wishes. Sexual abuse can be for someone who have
mental ilness or child or in the family.

Example:  Bü?ra
and Mehmet are married couple.Mehmet 
wants to have oral sex  and his
wife refuses it. He forces her to have oral 
sex . She is having oral sex with him involuntarily.  He doesn’t 
care about her feeling or desires. It is the example of sexual abuse in
the family.

7)Parental monitoring: It is related with parental awareness, watchfulness of adolescent activities in
different  domains (i.e., friends, school and behavior at home), and
communication to the adolescent that the parent is concerned about, and aware
of, those activities…

 Example: Parents
who have higher monitoring , their children have low rate of alcohol

8)Therapeutic Alliance: It is the best predictor of
treatment outcome.It is the relationship between you and your therapist that
you build on trust and you can work together effectively.

Example : Talking about very sensitive topics with
your psychotherapist that you didn’t talk with someone. It is the reason of
therapeutic alliance.

9)Vaginismus : It is very common problem to not have
successful intercourse with the partner. Fear of having sex or having painful
sexual intercourse. Reason behind of it might be emotional, physiologic ,
traumatic etc.

Example : Fatima get raped when she was 15. She got
married last year and she still has problems about it. She couldn’t have sexual
intercourse with her husband. She is scared of sex  and she remembers past trauma.

10)Binuclear families : In this family type ; child
spends approximately same amount of time with both parents. It is an extended
family. Both parents take same amount of responsibility.

Example : Child spends 3 or 4 days with her/his
mother . Another days he/she stays father’s home or spend time with him.







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