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The findings from the research questions prove that emotions do not
influence length of stay. This suggests that tourists feel both the emotions
irrespective of shorter or longer length of stays. Therefore, it is important
for the destination marketers to consider both the length of stays equally
important. The schedule should be customizing for tourists who prefer shorter
stays in a way that is neither too stressful for them nor too repetitive for
longer stays travellers. This way, destinations can benefit from both the types
of tourists as generally, tourists who opt for short stays travel during the
weekends while tourists opting for longer stays contribute to the week days
tourism revenue (Dunne, Flanagan, & Buckley, 2010).

While some of the tourists appreciate the liveliness of the city,
which is created by so many international tourists, and the noise that comes
with it gives city a tag of ‘city that never sleeps’, it can also result in
negative environment for the tourists who seek to relax by the canal and
appreciate the architectural beauty of the city. Therefore, in order to create
a favorable situation for both the types of tourists, it can be suggested that
stakeholders involved in designing the activities for the tourists re-consider
the spatial distribution of touristic centers in a way that can avoid tourist’s
concentration in the center of the city. This will help in creating positive
emotions among tourists who prefer peace to rush and can appreciate the
destination by increasing their stay. 

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