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Indigenous groups meet in Toronto to discuss the “Sixties Scoop”, a painful chapter in Canadian history. The Sixties Scoop happened in the 1960’s and saw thousands of Indigenous children being taken from their schools and into residential schools. These schools greatly impacted the lives of many survivors. Most of the survivors fell into depression and alcohol and some even committed suicide. The schools also affected survivors with parenting skills because they were never taught how to be a parent. The survivors of the ‘Sixties scoop” actually have not yet been offered an apology by the Church but they have received one from Manitoba’s government which apologized for those affected. The article then starts to mention the Ontario case where a group of survivors filed a lawsuit against the federal government. They are seeking 1.3 billion dollars or 85,000 to every affected person because they believe that when they were in residential schools they were away from their families and therefore suffered emotional, psychological, spiritual harm and a loss of cultural identity. The hearing will come after a seven-year waiting period. The federal government has been delaying the lawsuit because they want to solve this outside the courtroom so that they can come to an agreement. Some Indigenous leaders also wrote to Justin Trudeau in hopes of moving forward with reconciliation. In conclusion, the Indigenous people are still waiting for there lawsuit to have a hearing.      My views on the “Sixties Scoop” is that it’s a tragic moment in Canadian History at which the Canadian Government has failed to change Many survivors lack parenting skills which are the biggest problem. Due to this lack of parenting its doesn’t just cause their families to experience abuse but it also causes a “Chain reaction” in the Indigenous communities. This “Chain reaction” is similar to the one Inmates suffer when they are incarcerated because this causes their children to feel empty and loneliness and in most cases they end up where their parents are.

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