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In Sewa Kendras if an official is on leave for any reason,
the seat must be compensated as the absence of officials can cause
inconvenience to the people. So there should always be a backup.

A dedicated official is required to continuously supervise
and control all the activities of the Sewa Kendras. It will help in bringing
the solution to the problems immediately.

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Such software is needed to be used in Sewa Kendras which
interconnects Sewa Kendras to all the departments which provide services to the
people. It will give the departments’ direct access to the data available at
Sewa Kendras and the departments don’t need to enter the data manually again.
It will also help in time-saving.

Computer software and hardware should be regularly upgraded
as per the requirements as it will provide the solution to many problems like
slow speed, interconnectivity problems etc.

The instructions and application forms given to the rural
people should be in their regional/local language and in a simple way only as
it will give them the better understanding of e-Governance.

Sewa Kendra officials should be given training on Computer
Hardware and Software so that they can handle operational problems themselves
in the time of emergency and it will also save time and cost.

While implementing e-Governance programmes Government should
prefer high-quality Information Technology infrastructure in government offices
because poor quality infrastructure causes computer hanging, display problem,
operating system crash, virus attack and other variety of problems. All these
problems can put high pressure on the officials and can also affect their

The government should also educate Administration Officers
and Ministers so that they can realize the importance of e-Governance and also
try at their level best to spread awareness regarding e-Governance in the

Rural people should be given basic computer
education/knowledge so that they may operate computers and may take the
benefits of e-Governance.

10.  Basic Facilities like
drinking water and toilet should be made available at each e-Sewa Kendra place
for the clean and healthy environment.

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