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3.8 Workers were badly injured

People worked up
to 15 hours a day with minimal break time. Sunday was the only day off for them.
Accidents were common happened in workplace. Safety were poor and injury
compensation was not given by the employers. They working long hours and hard
work. Workers will be fined for opening factory windows. Due to improve in
machinery, mechanic got low pay because most of them doing a simple tasks. Workers
wanted an increase in pay but they had no political powers.

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Workers lived in
one roomed tenement building in slum. This situations make worker angry with
the employers. The factory workers faced safety hazards, health hazards and
cruel treatment from the employers. Safety of the machines were not major
concern. For example, dangerous part of the machines were not properly
covered.  Machines were not equipped with
features to make them shut off in case of accident. Plenty of machines don’t
have safety precautions. It causes harm to the workers.

Factories environment
was hot with steam engines. Long hours of working mixed with heat caused
workers to become sluggish which put them in even more danger situations. Moreover,
the factories don’t have enough source of lights. It was depend only with
natural light. It made the factories full of dusk and dirty machines. Employers
exploiting workers on unsafe environment. Workers rest time was limited. During
their mealtimes, workers required to clean machines. Employers give hard times
to the employees as their wages was low but they were told to do a lot of jobs
in unsafe conditions. It was claimed that employers altered the time on the
clocks to make their workers late so they could fine them.

Due to this
problems, luddites began to attack factories in protest of poor working and
living conditions. In order to overcome this matters, labor union were formed.
Labor union were formed to fight for worker rights. Employers need to be responsible
on workers in factories.






3.9 Machines replaced humans

Ancient and medieval
time had no such a huge machine. This was change after the industrial
revolution. Industrial revolution had bring new technology to the Europe.
Before this, people had to spend long tedious hours of hand labor. Now, it changed
people’s way in factories and textile industry. Improvement in spinning machinery
called for further improvement in weaving. A lot of invention had be made to
supply to the demand. Industrial revolution resulted in changes of workers
tasks. They were given simple and repetitious tasks as more procedures were carried
out by the machine.

Due to improvement
in textile industry, many weavers unemployed since they are no longer compete
with the machine that only need little times to produce more clothes. The hand
weavers firmly opposed machines in textile industry. It would make many of the
weavers lost their jobs. Workers in factories also face the same problems with
workers in textile industry. Factories workers was pay as unskilled workers
because the invention of the machines. The invention of machinery had reduced
production time and the cost of produce products. These is the reasons worker’s
wager reduce.

The employees
started to feel challenge and angry with the invention of the machines. This is
went the Luddites come out. They turned their dissatisfaction towards the machines
and smashed them. They also destroyed factories in order to prevent them from
using machines. Industrial revolution had given bad moment for workers as they
lost their job because of machinery.

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