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3 foot 2. Yes that’s right a mini me found myself being that child at primary who would do anything to be in the back row on photo day but always seemed to be urged to the front row along beside the other few, some may say unlucky children who are in the same position as you hoping youd rapidly someday sprout up.

As the years went on I became used to being the small one however everyone else seemed to of grown except me. I felt worried about this
but deep down I knew it wasn’t going to change. Genes. A sequence of DNA inherited from your parents, that one thing that you just cant predict no matter how much you sometimes wish that you could of

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height. A statistic which is a fact about myself that defines me as I, myself. Ive overlooked the thongs that I hated all of these years and came to the decision that in fact ive accepted that im small and although some people may say you cant change that things you can do like wearing heels whereas a tall person cant do anything about that.

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