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Some of the researcher frequently oppose free trade because
it will increased job outsourcing.Many countries employed foreign employees to
help them with local marketing, contacts and language. In result, there will be
high unemployment in their home country. Besides that, free trade will
encourage manufacturers to hire foreign labour with cheap prices indirectly rob
the opportunities of local labour to get a job. Other than that, outsourcing is
time consuming when a company waste their time in training foreign employees
who don’t understand rule and policies of company. According to the article
written by Kimberly Amadeo, free trade give a huge impact to American workers. American
worker believe that security is another big issues that a company will confront
when hiring foreign workers. There will be potentially high risk for
Information Technology security breaks such as their business process secrets
will be exposed.With that, in 2016 presidential campaign Donald Trump once said
he would bring the job back by renegotiate with NAFTA. He threatened to impose
tariffs on imports from Mexico and China, so that the price of the products
from those countries will become higher and difficult to compete in America

But, basically tremendous advantaged of international free
trade have flowed from U.S free-trade agreements which cover U.S, Mexico and
Canada. NAFTA was executed between these three countries as they have a common
borders and high potentially as economic leaders of region. The first formally
North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was conducted in January 1994. In terms
of the agreement, trade restrictions such as tariffs, non-tariff and quota
barriers were scheduled to be eliminated within 5 years of period (Hashemzadeh,
1997). When NAFTA
was fully implemented, manufacturers in US 
gave uncontrolled access to the growing market in Mexico for high
technology product while giving consumers in US a lower prices on goods. With
that, NAFTA is expecting to rise productivity by shifting jobs to the most
efficient sectors in economy. Besides, Mexico also got the benefit from good
capital inflow and outflow and creation of better job at higher wages. It has
increased the foreign direct investment in Mexico through NAFTA. According to
NAFTA Now website, “Mexico has received US$156 billion from its NAFTA partners
between 1993 and 2008 and become one of the biggest recipients of foreign
direct investment among developing market.

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