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countries are looking forward to providing best medicines and good healthcare
for the people of their countries. These includes developing countries. As a
part in achieving this goal of providing the best medicines to the people, many
government organizations, non-government organization, many pharma companies
formed a front and are working together to achieve the goal. To achieve this
goal, they need to have financial support and research based support to product
new medicines and deliver it to the public. In many of these developing
countries, one third of the population lack access to medicines and are under
the poverty line. The developing countries front is working on making
affordable medicines that a normal person can afford and also trying to deliver
free medication for those who cannot afford any price at all. The first country
involved in this project is the United Kingdom. More research and development
is needed to develop medicine for life threatening disease conditions. Providing
access to medicines for all people will work out in partnerships of different
departments and businesses. Here, the role of the pharmaceutical companies is
very important as they are the producers of the medicines and are the inventors
of new medicines. Access to medicines for poor people is a CSR activity every
country needs to follow and it is the duty of every pharma company to abide to
the law of CSR in giving back to the community in a good way. 

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