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My family background has never been perfect as I had always wished. There’s ups and downs as many families faced in daily life but never the less it’s where I was mend to be, its where God purpose because his plan is always perfect although it’s difficult to accept his plan. As a young person going through this life journey I have plan, goals etc… there’s some that i has accomplish, some i have not and some it’s was just not mend for me and again God knows why? There’s a reason for every success and failure in life. I have sort out my happiness and unhappiness in life that many of times had made me shead tears, going through many challenges in life it’s makes me stronge and determine to move forward. I also have build hatred in my heart especially my childhood, My teenage journey had been difficult and I have relocated in 2013.

There are 8 sibling in my family which makes me the sixth child , my mother is a single parent, father abandon us when i was eight years old, there were promises he made to me!since i hade good grade, he promise he would sent me to high school to continue my education and become a professional in a career, he promised never to leave me alone, he promised to changed his life styl since he was addicted to alcohol, he promised,promised, and promised. Promises which never came through ……one day he said goodbye to me which hurted me i was only a child i couldn’t understand and all his promises i remember when i saw him walking out of the door. He never cared about the pain he was going to caused us! At That moment the bond of love we had began to broke. I had promise never to speake to him even if his my father, never to care about him any more, where i’ll nevre asked where he lived and at that moment hatred began to develop where i buried him deep, deep in my heart as a person who had just passed away! My mother has been the only one struggleing to bring food on the table, clothes for us to wear my little sister was only three years old she had to suffer because we had to stay with my aunt while my mom was at work were had the opportunity to see my lovely mom only on Sunday it was like we were abandon on the streeet with out love. I graduated in 2009 from primary school with the support of my wonderful and amazing mom.

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As a teenager i began experimenting stuff which is harmful for my health. I began to follow my faher foot step drinking alcohol thinking its the only way to move on with life which was sad. I began braking my mother heart, it’s very difficult to say sorry i was only 14 years old. I began working at a strimp form i meet new friend where i began involving more in drugs sleeping over to my friend home, attending party which was attracting for me but God had a plan for my future. The adventist church was having a crusade at my village and its was a Friday nigth i attend the service and the sermon was very interesting i felt Gods calling me it was time for me to change direction in my life i decided to surrendered my life to him and the following day which was sabbath. Iwas baptize my life was never the same. My friends would call me over to drink ! had many temptation it was difficult for me but God help me not to be involved any more, yet my father appear in my life. I was 14 years now, what should i do? I am a christian i should forgive but its challenging after 7 years my father appear again i told him his not my father, my father had died years ago i walked away all I could say God, please forgive me!!…

In 2013 i relocated to Corozal distric where i began my new journey where i attended the Belize Adventist college where i took physics, chemistry, and biology it was not easy financially,there was always a problem paying my school year, I had scholarship first form but they never paid in time. Thirth form i applied for a working scholarship and i made it through , forth form was challenging graduation fee, tuition etc… for final exam i was about to give up tuition was not paid, no exam was given to me principal word was “I need to see money” atleast half of the tuition must be paid before I sit any exam now what should i do? I was given 1 day to pay ,now! What should i do? I began seeking for help and finally help was given to me which paid my school year, finally i had the opportunity to sit my final exam, passed and graduated although it’s very challenging what i have been through. My family is not rich, they are humble person. Now am attending cjc i have hope and believed God will provide a away for me, have no money to pay expenses, struggling to finish my education since i am the only one child studing out of the eight sibling that i have, i am making the diffrence. I dream to become a primary education teacher with Godas help.

Family love is very important to younge person i had many challenges but because of my mom love and support i have reached this far and a lovely gaurdian Ms.noemi vasques she does care what i have done, where i have come from.her suppor is always appreciated. I am 20 years old still hate my father he was about to die in 2016 i never visited him, am not ready to forgive him. I believed he deserved to surrfer having the reject of a daughter hatred is all i have for him i don’t depent on him, i have grown up with out him, now! Why should i have him in my life where there is no place for him?….

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