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Pine Bluff, AR 71603

September 20, 2018

University Relations & Development

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

1200 North University Drive

Mail Slot 4981

Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Dear Donor:

I would like to thank you for your donation. I will be using this funding for tuition. I really appreciate your help with my tuition.

I am a mass communications major from Detroit, MI. I am also a non-traditional student returning to college after 10 years in the workforce. I currently work full time for Kohler Co. in Sheridan, AR while attending school. I’ve been a technician at this company for 5 years. The University of Arkansas of Pine Bluff was my choice of school because I was interested in the mass communications program available here. I left to school support myself and save money. Honestly, UAPB is the only reason I remained in Arkansas after I left college. I am a firm believer in finishing what you start. Upon graduation, I plan on joining the public relations/ marketing field for my current employer and also do freelance work as well.

Again I would like to thank you for the scholarship. I plan on using these resources to complete my degree.


Berrett N. Harris Jr.

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