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‘Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics’ – Victor Pinchuk


I feel that this quotation is extremely inspirational and would really benefit me for the success in this creative industry. I come from the land of Bollywood. Film and television have been hugely influential in every part of my life. Growing up, my knowledge of woman empowerment and courage was shaped by some of the woman centered Bollywood films like Neerja, dangal, Queen and Highway. Film is the universal form of communication, It provokes ones emotion, fear and thoughts. I firmly believe that a strong film industry would have the potential to address social issues.

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My ideas are nothing without film and I have always been fascinated by every aspect of film.I have always been a creative and imaginative individual who has enjoyed taking part in all of forms of art and media.  My choice of a degree in Film and television is to enhance my technological skills, to exersice my creativity and to learn at the highest level.

In my spare time I like to film and edit short videos and I would enjoy learning more about media production, as I find media language very interesting.


I grew up in a very competitive environment right through my childhood. My schooling was in one of the most prestigious academic institutions of Delhi – D.P.S. R.K. Puram.

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