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My passion for accounting and finance entered my life was
when I started getting money and by this I started to become interested in the
power of it. My choice to apply for the degree course in accounting and finance
was with me since I was very young as I enjoyed doing mathematics and had a
passion with working with numbers as my career aspiration is to become a
chartered accountant. Although this subject of accounting is fairly demanding, this
is my aspiration and I find it very interesting. I believe this course is the
right course for me and I am confident that a course in accounting and finance
satisfies my interest.

Currently I am studying BTEC Level 3 Business Studies, which
has provided me with the understanding of real life situations that are faced
by businesses and the right and wrong decisions businesses use to make decisions
that affect a company. This course helped me expand my understanding and
reflecting on information that interests me such as the state of the economy.

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I have had a lot of work experience in all aspects of work.

During the summer I had a part time job in a company called Midland Autocare
where they sell vehicle car parts. The employer gave me the opportunity to give
me different experiences such as customer experience, which improved my
confidence and communication skills and he also took me through the finance
department where they showed me how to deal with invoices etc. I have also done
additional courses online for accounting, which has given me an idea on what accounting
is about and I have gained an understanding of the work involved and how to do
the work. I really enjoyed doing these courses.

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