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. Prototype:
? Full prototype: The initial shape consists of numerous steps and the purpose of the improvement of the layout consists of the everything of many pages in every web page data and photographs of the difficult disk and its contents additionally blanketed in this application a there are the simple video for hard disk drive. Additionally, the title for any page on each web page buttons to move back from page to page and all a web page with its title deal with.
? The full version differs from the storyboard: The storyboard is only as a indistinct and visual design that affords the design of the storyboard in a simplified manner and not intensive also the storyboard where we cannot be capable of know the whole thing and look and pay attention to it in layout. For the whole assignment it includes all the pages that input the layout of the task and everything contained within the images, video, sounds, buttons, records, form, size and colors of the traces additionally enables us to look the contents of the whole task and not something vague. At the same time as it’s far something that illustrates all the steps of the presentation.
? Evaluate the design: The hard disk drive is a tool through which the facts is saved and stored in the tool. I observe that this work is right for the laptop person and I’m one among them as it facilitates me to store my information and i want to keep it also I’m able to take it anyplace i go and use it every time I recommend users to use this disk because it is very useful for plenty functions.
5. Usability Testing
? A plan of the usability testing:
My planning using the records approximately about the hard disk, I’ve also looked for this drive by means of consulting my friends and teachers from the class and that I used some books and magazines to jot down facts I also introduced pictures of it from the Internet and video suggests the presentation of the tough disk. (check the type tests, layout take a look at, test the running buttons, test photographs, check video if it really works or no longer.).
1. (The quantity of users of this designs four users also the duration of the take a look at in the future).
2. Description of the usability trying out: This utility makes use of the way to shop and store data as properly. It maintenance your pc and can be used for several functions at any time someone desires.

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