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(Jayanath, 2008) Library access is vital for the students for their study where they obtain information and other knowledge for their studies, where they can also borrow books and dictionaries, maps, CD, DVD for their studies. All materials are arranged in an organized category of books. Education is meaningless if students will not utilize the library (Singh, 2010).

A library is significant for the progress of mental and intellectual development of the students and the library added a thirst for knowledge and curiousness for the students. It is the most important role of school libraries and student development. (Kapoor, 2014)
The technology was a huge factor to accommodate the needs of the students. One author expects that android device can operate to interest the students that utilized the libraries. In that term of their device they can efficiently search or monitor the books inside of the library and so that the books they that can borrow.(Q.J Pastrana,2013).
The libraries for a long time were established and seen as collections of the information and services and libraries empowers people and interact with all kinds information and knowledgeable resources. (Curran et al., 2006).
In a second half of the twentieth century by the establishment of the integrated library system and online catalogue, it gives access to the information on a library’s collection from any place with an internet connection. An idea of the book room changes while much apprehension of the library environment. (Wallis, 2007)
According to a survey, almost seventy-seven percent the students focus of their studies in the library and students go to the library for their study, each time they have an exam and go ahead with students because they are more comfortable studying and reading books. (Strang, 2015)
School programs supports library access because of teaching and learning process for a student and the school libraries ready to serve a student to provide materials and encourage reading of books (Clark,1999)
The school libraries in a twenty one-first century, the classrooms provides a comprehension knowledge in information and technologies as the students will face as a digital world. (Todd, Gordon, Lu 2010)
The library regularly consists of prints and analogue basics the print resources and it includes paper books, newspapers, magazines, pictures, photographs and brochures. In the early 1980s, the school librarians and support staff activate to acquire and it provides instructional software digital resources for professor and students. (Shaw, 2016).

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The library performs an important implementation of core services that consist of experimentation, demonstrate and literature. In the traditional library setup, the book room users essential are visible nowadays in the book collection if they want to create book collection services such as reference services, interlibrary loan, and bibliographic search services. (Ahmad, 2013).
According to the survey on the computer application two hundred twenty-three in libraries in the Metro Manila. The research reported that the process in the three library function to be initialized as cataloguing, indexing, and circulation.(Lou,1986)
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