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4.         One
aspect that I believe makes an effective “This I Believe” speech is the presentation
of a story that can help draw a connection to the belief that you are
presenting. This is important because it helps give your speech a sense of
direction and it should be the point where you get the attention of your
audience. After presenting the beginning story your audience should feel like
they are a part of the story. The other aspect that I believe makes an
effective “This I Believe” speech is the explanation of how you live by your
belief and when you have used your belief to better yourself. There should be a
paragraph that gives and example of how you have used your belief in the real

3.         “Finding
Out What’s Under Second Base” started by telling a story about the author
getting his first hit in Little League baseball and instead of running to third
base his teammate decided to look under second base. The body of the essay begins
by the author explaining what it truly means to him to look underneath second
base. The next body paragraph tells another story of the author deciding to
work in community service despite having opportunities to work at other high paying
jobs simply because of his beliefs. He told of the impact that he made in a child’s
life as a math tutor. Later in the conclusion of the essay he reflects on the
lesson that he learned about looking under second base and how he to this day
applies it to his conflicted adult life. The organization of this essay is
great because of the constant reminder of his belief and the fluidity of how
his main points are presented. He presented a timeline from the time he was
five until current day and how the same theme stuck with him throughout. I believe
that the use of a timeline in the organization of this essay really demonstrated
the power of the message he was trying to convey. In the essay there is more
storytelling than comment. The content was very effective because the stories demonstrated
his belief and his comments following the stories about his belief made the
stories even more powerful. All in all, he perfected his use of content because
he used comment only when it was necessary to explain his point, but also
allowed the readers to think for themselves when explanation was not needed.
The author was very articulate in the way he used language in the essay. For
example, “Apparently the mystery that had plagued kids for centuries-what could
possibly be hiding underneath second base” could be misinterpreted by someone
unfamiliar with baseball because they may not understand that this is an actual
mystery to some people. Without this sentence some people could have been confused
from the start of the essay had they not known that there was a hole under
second base. He made sure that he was understood by his audience because his
belief could potentially be missed if his language was off.

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2.         My
favorite essay that I read was “Finding Out What’s Under Second Base.” The belief
of this essay is not to care what people think of you. He believes that you
should follow your heart in any situation even if people believe that what you’re
doing is wrong. The first belief in this essay was presented following the story
that he told at the beginning. The author gave an introduction to the theme of
finding out what’s under second base then he determined the deeper meaning of
the situation.

1.         The
first essay that I read was named “Finding Out What’s Under Second Base” by Lex
Urban. This essay was more audience-centered than other essays that I have read
because the author made an attempt to form a connection with his audience by
telling a story that most people could relate to. He compelled us as an
audience to continue reading his essay by telling of a time when he was younger
and his teammate displayed a value in which the author continues to live
through even today. “The Virtues of the Quiet Hero” by John McCain is the next
essay that I read. I was intrigued by this essay not only because it was
written by Senator John McCain, but because he shares such a deep belief and
emphasis on something that he learned so early in his life. Even in the toughest
of situations he believed that if he were to abide to that way of life then he could
live a fulfilled and dignified life. Furthermore, I feel as if this is a
desired state of thought for everyone and that is how Senator McCain involves
his readers. Lastly, I read “Leave the Light On” by Marianne Rogowski. This is
a very compelling essay to read because she begins her essay by telling a story
about a meaning of an object. She shares a deeper meaning expressed within a
light being left on at home for children. As she explores this deeper meaning
it really makes readers interested in how something as simple as a parent
leaving a light on for their children can mean so much more. Overall, this
essay could have an effect on how people raise their children just by doing
simple things such as leaving a light on and letting them know they will always
be welcomed at home.

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