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11.How private is our privacy?


is considered as a very controversial topic, as what privacy is and what should
be kept private greatly differs for each individual. Generally, privacy is
defined as having certain information hidden or concealed from the public. One
relatable topic when it comes to privacy would be Internet cookies.

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most people are aware of what Internet cookies are and usually considered them
as something bad as people consider the act of cookies as a way of stealing
their privacy. The best way to understand what they are, is by imagining this.
You are surfing on an online clothing store, whilst you are browsing through
their website, the server of the website sends out “cookies” which are then
saved and downloaded on your PC, these cookies are then stored and used later
on. (, (Beal, 2008)


12.Advantages and disadvantages of cookies?


cookies are considered better than others in most cases they record for
instance how long you spend on a specific site. As well as all the different
sites you have been on, through this an algorithm is created by the server
which selects frequently visited sites as well as preferred layouts and
colours. This information is then later on used on future sites, which I will
later evaluate on further.


to this, cookies are also seen as something negative, think about it this way
governments and businesses all over the world store information about you. No
specific information is gathered by cookies. In most cases people dislike
cookies, due to the thought of knowing that organizations are collecting
information about you without a verbal consent this therefore creating


great example of cookies would be the case with Instagram and Facebook, as a
user of these platforms myself; it is easily noticeable that these two
platforms use cookies from their users, as the advertisements of these
platforms are adjusted to your personal preference such as the example mentioned
above when they take in your 

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