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6.0 Marketing Plan
As aforementioned, our main ingredients used to manufacture our product are waste HDPE plastics and sand as compare with the traditional roof tiles, which include clay or concrete, metal or plastic roofing material, our raw material cost is lower. The machines used to process Inferno roof tile are lesser and therefore lesser worker is required. Thus, lots of time can be saved from there and a higher production rate can be achieved. As referring on above points, Inferno roof tiles can be launched in 15-21% lower price (which is 55% or above of our manufacturing cost) than the traditional clay or concrete roof tiles, thus able to earn a higher profit than traditional or commercial roof tiles.
Our main company target group will be residential constructors (including private and government sector). As for our product market, there are some existing customer who joined in contractor associations such as Master Builders Association Malaysia (CIDB) and etc. From there, application of community marketing and outbound marketing is possible to advertise Inferno Company to the potential customers. By open up a list of prospects of the market of new building material and been recognized and hopefully able to lead to word of mouth marketing. Outbound marketing includes direct and E-mail marketing to communicate with customer on their requirements and enquiries on Inferno products. Furthermore, the marketing strategy will be implied is affinity marketing to generates sales and creates new customers, at the same time, build brand awareness or B-to-B (business to business) marketing by supporting customers using a better material selection of our product. This case can be done by having partnerships with SP Setia, Eco-world, IOI properties and etc.
Moreover, online marketing will be done through social media to advertise our product and target buyers who aimed at small quantity for renovation purpose or acknowledge to retailers of Inferno products. Through Facebook or YouTube channels, such as Tech Insider, Science Channel and etc, to publish articles or contents to showcase Inferno Company’s knowledge and expertise on the products, meanwhile, educate potential customers and influence them without direct selling. Besides that, search engine such as Google, can be utilized by creating company website as this is one of the best way to be recognized as a start-up company. Thus, from the website, cross-media marketing is possible as provide information are provided through multiple channels and to contact or cooperate with Inferno Company or retail stores in no time.
Another marketing strategy will be implemented is Ambush marketing. This is done by participating contractor Expo and Technology Expo, which allows capitalization of Inferno products and leverage the brand equity of others business. Besides that, PR marketing will be fully utilized to build connection and trust between the customers as long-term cooperation can be achieved.
Place (distribution)
As a new start-up manufacturing company, customer source is found by own so our focus of customer will be private residential contractors followed by government contractors and renovation companies. Cooperation with retail owners is another strategic approach on finding potential customers to distribute Inferno roof tiles. Then, connection with a few green building or huge contractor company operation shall be made, which needed bulk consumption and construction amount to sell the product directly to them. Shipping logistic is then a necessary to transport Inferno products to clients. At current stage, East Malaysia is Inferno Company’s primary target. As the company expands, west Malaysia and ASEAN then worldwide will be the next targets.
Inferno roof tile is a composite comprises of plastics and sand. As compared with the existence concrete in current market, Inferno product is more feasibility to customize the shape upon customer request since Inferno roof tiles does not limit to the traditional model design. Besides that, most of the current building materials worldwide used are concrete-based, i.e. clay or concrete tiles which are quite brittle, Inferno roof tiles have great impact absorption which also indicates that a safe transportation is guaranteed. Inferno roof tiles are also readily available in a wide variation of colours. Furthermore, corrosion like metal roof tiles is no longer a concern for Inferno roof tiles. Therefore, Inferno products are not only able to achieved the basic requirements but also earn some extra credits which current market demands.

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