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are part of this world. Without change the World doesn’t exist. Day changes
into night and season changes from winter to summer and autumn to spring. As the
whole system changes every day in the same way our climate changes also.

temperature is changing and it’s becoming hotter and hotter as the time goes
on. People call it global warming which is caused by the depletion of ozone
layer. The ozone layer is depleting because of the emission of harmful gases by
industries, automobiles and other gas emitting machines. These gases are called
as Greenhouse gases which include carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide and
the process, by which they absorb radiation from sun and prevent it from
escaping into outer space and causing earth to become hotter, is called as
Greenhouse effect.

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global warming is affecting the whole world and especially some areas like
Pakistan. Pakistan has some gigantic glaciers and due to Global warming they
melt faster and as a result the sea level increases and took the shape of
flood. Each summer when the glaciers melt and burst out which is called glacial
lake outburst flood and destroys the houses, kettles, crops, irrigation system
and even many people lost their lives. Pakistan is an agriculture based country
and if each year the situation would be like this then one day it will sweep the
whole agricultural area of Pakistan then the economy of Pakistan will be
shattered which is already suffering from the worst conditions.

are trying to aware the people about the issue and how to minimize it by
stopping such activities which are affecting our environment. However to save
our earth we have to stop affecting our environment by stopping the burning of
fossil fuels for Energy generation and reducing the use of automobiles because
these are the major players in emission of green house gases. We must stop
cutting of trees because trees really support in maintaining our environment
and absorb carbon dioxide. 

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