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Descartes starts by doubting everything in his
surrounding and believes that anything which admits the slighted doubt must be
false. He argues that we must never accept anything without evaluating or
exactly certain of our knowledge. It means that there must be no place for
doubt when we are accepting something. Therefore, the passage deals with uncertainty
and also relationship between reality and existence.


According to the first interpretation, he argues
that he thinks, then If he thinks then he exists and then he decided that he
exists. He claims that he cannot doubt the existence of his mind and can doubt
the existence of his body and also the mind is more easily known that the body.

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By questioning ‘I’, evaluates his existence. Main idea of the passage is we
should use our reasoning rather than accepting opinions of others because reason
is higher than any opinion. He wants us to use our reason and there is nothing
radical about using our reason.


At the sixth meditation, he argues connection
between body and mind. Why they are attached? He argues he could conceive of
himself without sensory perception, so they are not essential but perception
could not exist without mind to contain it. He believes perceptions might be
created either by himself or God. He argues that perceptions can rule himself
out since he cannot control them because he is not aware of them. He concludes
that he is inclined by the nature to assume the things he does about his body
and about the world external to it. 

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