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7. There are canals on

The author Percival Lowell became one of space’s first popularizes
when he wrote several books for the general public back in the late 1800s and
early 1900s. In these books and other writings, he said there were canals on
Mars built by an intelligent civilization(aliens), perhaps to move water into
desert-stricken areas. He claimed to have seen the canals from his own
telescope, and created several sketches that are still available on the internet today. 

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There are absolutely
no artificial canals on Mars. Several spacecraft have flown by the planet and
orbited it, and not one has caught signs of aliens from orbit. What they have seen,
however, are smaller channels that were created by nature – likely from water,
ice or other developments that cause erosion.

8. Planet Nine will kill

In 2016 April, the New York Post tweeted, “A newly discovered planet
could destroy Earth as soon as this month.” The newspaper was referring to Planet Nine, a theoretical planet at the edge of our solar
system. An accompanying video also claimed
that the new planet would be throwing all sorts of asteroids and comets at
Earth, which would allegedly end up pummeling our planet. 

Although the
planet’s existence has not been confirmed, astronomers are actively looking for
it to explain motions of some objects in the icy Kuiper Belt, an immense region
of icy matter beyond Neptune. If the planet is actually found, the California
Institute of Technology’s Mike Brown (who is one of the original backers of the
Planet Nine theory) says the planet will cause no threat to us.

9. Another Killer planet

Conspiracy theorists say
another dangerous planet is Nibiru, which was first
mentioned in the 1976 book by Zecharia Sitchin “The Twelfth Planet”. In the book, Zecharia translated
ancient Sumerian cuneiform and declared that the text is proof of a planet
beyond Neptune called Nibiru that orbits the sun every 3,600 years. 

Couple of years
later, self-proclaimed psychic Nancy Lieder said to have communicated with other
life forms who said Nibiru would collide with Earth in 2003. When that didn’t
happen, the date was moved to 2012 (and of course, linked with the 2012 doomsday forecast). Of course, the collision never
occurred, the world didn’t end back in 2012 and no astronomer has ever found a
planet on a collision course with Earth, so there’s that.

10.Climate change isn’t

Earth is on an abnormal warming fashion. Arctic ice is melting, the sea
level is rising and temperatures are going to extremes in many locations around
the world. Why is this happening you ask? Anti-climate-change
conspirators have many explanations: solar activity, radiation, the
Earth’s and sun’s movements around the Milky Way, among further theories. 

While there are
many components of climate change, the fact that humans have contributed to it is undeniable. Temperature
graphs show that the climate has not warmed this much, this quickly in all of
Earth’s history (as seen in geological records), and that the increase associates
with increased industrialization.

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