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(Individual Report)
Human and species
Presented to:
Sir Zaheer Ishaq
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Shahzaib Iftikhar
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Title Is Wild life trafficking the biggest threat to animal endangerment / existence?
(Approximately words)
Poaching had be defined as the illegal capturing of wild animals. Which were then used against the hurting privileges of nobility and territorial rulers. Austria and Germany refer to poaching not as theft but as intrusion in third party hunting rights. In the other hand, some scientists considered poaching as an environmental crime, defining any activity as illegal that contravenes the law and regulations established to protect renewable natural resources including the illegal harvesting of wildlife with the intention of possessing, transporting, consuming or selling it using its body parts they considered poaching as one of the most serious threats to the survival of plant and animal population.

Reasons for choice:
Personal interest
Experience in the local area of wildlife park
Stimulating TV documentary
Topic studied for GP
Humans and other Species
Issues identified and to be investigated
Wildlife trafficking
Other issues- habitat loss, global warming/population.

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Issue 1- Wildlife trafficking
(Approximately words)
Global Perspective:
. Wildlife crime is a big business. Run by dangerous international networks, wildlife and animal parts are trafficked much like illegal drugs and arms. By its very nature, it is almost impossible to obtain reliable figures for the value of illegal wildlife trade. Experts at TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, estimate that it runs into hundreds of millions of dollars.
Local Perspective:
Seeing from local views ,people are performing this illegal work due to meet their personal views as its kind an employment for them which leads to wildlife trafficking in many countries .moreover ,it’s a nature of every nation that for supporting his or her family its necessary for them to adopt these activities.

Individual perspective:
Speaking individually,wildlife trafficking is an illegal profession that were adopted by unemployed persons who don’t have any profession and lively way to fulfill his expenditure.

Analysis of issues
Wild life trade refers to commence of products that are derived from non-domesticated animals or plants usually extracted from their natural environment or raised under controlled conditions. It can involve the trade of living or dead individuals, tissues such as skin, bones or meat. Illegal wildlife trade, however, is wide spread and constitutes one of the major illegal activities, comparable to the traffic of drug and weapons. Wildlife trade is a serious conservation problem, it has a negative effect on the viability of many wildlife populations and is one of the major threats to the survival of vertebrate species.

The international trade in parrots is a lucrative enterprise, and forms an important part of the international wildlife trade. As parrots were increasingly endangered that’s why many have placed restrictions on the trade or prohibited the trade altogether. Despite the restrictions on trade in many countries, the market still operates both legally or ilegally. Approximately 2600 of the more than 9600 species of birds in existence are subject to trade.
As well in 2016, 1054 rhinos were reported killed in South Africa. Criminal kills rhinos for their horns which are mistakenly believed to cure a variety of ailments from fevers to blood disorders to hangovers. South Africa which have World’s largest white rhino population, successfully achieved a decline in the number of poached rhinos last year. This highlighted the impacts of poaching sweeping across South Africa as criminal syndicates shift their focus on response to law enforcement actions.

In India animals issued for diverse products including mongoose hairs, snake skin, Rhino horn, Tiger and Leopard claws, bones, skin, whiskers, Elephant trunk, deer antlers, shahtoosh shawls, turtle shells etc. A large part of this trade is meant for the international market and has no direct demand in India.

A lot of impacts will be come out from the extinction of animals. The beauty of forest that is caused by animals which have to be extinct will be run out from that area. For example:
A specie of Giraffe impacts the tallness in forest which is also the beauty of the jungle. If an animal extinct from that area then the benefits which we get from that animals will be run out and we have to face lackness of that things.

If animals like insects extinct then the process of pollination will not be able to occur because insects act as pollinator agent like by dispersing seeds from one flower to another. Pollination process is carried out by pollen grains which are stick to the insects. If insects extinct then growth of plants will be hamper and in this way other species which depend on these flowers can also be affected. If some animals extinct from that area then the species that depend on these extinctable species have threat of extinct for example one animal is a food of another animal when one animal extinct then another animal could not be able to find food from elsewhere and the appetite condition will come in most condition and may cause of death of some animal and ultimately may be a whole specie.
Other Issues (habitat loss, climate change, pollution)
(Approximately words)
Global perspective:
Habitat loss is the one of the main reason for animals extinction .As it’s a global issue due to which species had to migrate to different places in need of habitat. As shelter is one of the reason n that forced species to change places .So, human deeds are the also a factor for animal,s extinction.

National perspective:
Speaking nationally,it’s a very hard duty for every country to enhance wild animals by giving them they needs a vast area for their living that,s the reason they felt hesitated to enhance these wild animals.

Individual perspective:
Individually seeing,its hard for anyone to take care of these wild animals despite by that this is the reason for animal extinction as anyone cannot afford to give shelter to these wildlives.

Global perspective;
Globally speaking,very moderized countries were engaged in pollution and global warming.countries like Usa were engaged in such activities which leads to climate change.Afterwards species were the one,s more affected by these changes as they were unable to adopt these sudden changes in environment.

Local perspective;
Locally speaking,there a lot of activities in nations such as industrial and agriculture sectors,which causes climate change and leads to extinction of animals.

Individual perspective:
Individually speaking,there are a lot
Of activities like sewage and oil leaking which leads to acid rain and further cause difficulties for animals which leds to animals there are a different ways for climate change to occur.So,this leds to animals extinction. Analysis of other issues
Habitat loss:
Due to destruction of regimentation or degradation of habitat, habitat loss is occurred. Habitat loss is the primary threat to the survival of wildlife in the united states. When an ecosystem has been dramatically changed by human activities such as agriculture, oil and gas exploration, commercial development or water diversion. It may no longer be able to provide the food, water, cover and places, to raise young. Every day there are fewer places left that wildlife can call home. In United States one of the main driver of habitat loss is agriculture. Much of the habitat loss from agriculture was done along ago when settlers converted forests to cropland. Today, there is increasing pressure to redevelop conservation land for high-priced foods and bio fuel crops.

Climate Change:
Climate change is happening for faster than predicted and it’s causing a huge decline in animal life. The total amount of animal life on earth has halved in the last 35 years and bird population have decreased by 40%. For example: many animals are moving north or into deeper water to survive as their habitat shift. There are also being forced to change their behavior. For instance, many birds are nesting, breeding and migrating earlier as spring arrives sooner than before. Some of the animals were polar bear which live on ice, penguins which most live on tiny crust oceans called kills. Polar bear is disappearing during summer season. Sea ice is forming later in the fall and disappearing earlier in the spring. But as Antartic sea ice retreats, kill population are falling means that the penguins have to migrate for there to find food. Spending a lot more energy to find food makes penguins less successful at breeding and raising young.

Look at any ecosystem and there could be multiple forms of contamination from industrial processes, rivers overloaded with nutrients from farms, trash blowing away from landfills, city skies covered in smog. Pollution can muddy landscapes poison sails and water ways or even kill plant and animals. Toxic chemical that accumulate in top predators can make some species unsafe to eat. Animals higher in the food chain accumulate these toxins in and higher concentrations. Top predators including fish, bird and mammal can have much higher level of these toxins in their bodies, making them more likely to experience the diseases, birth defects, genetic mutation and other deleterious effects of these poisons.

Comparison of issues
(Approximately words) Strengths and weakness of wildlife trafficking as cause of animal extinction
Some of the strength were:
Gave important material to the points.

Gave perspective from different countries and also mentioned point of view of experienced persons.

Gave references from different sources.

Material was reasonable and to the point.

Plausible theory
Evidence from different sources
Implications are reasonable
Some weakness were:
Ignore other significant causes.

Didn’t gave extra information instead of the information that relate the topic.

Some supporting evidence for impact of pollution and humans directly on habitat
Climate change theory controversial
Less significant causes overall
Personal point of view;
(Approximately words) The best way to help endangered species is to protect the environment where they live. Give your time to nature by visiting or volunteering at a local wildlife refuge.

Work to cultivate an environmentally friendly home. This can help save endangered species native to your area. For example, if we have pets, supervise them when they’re outdoors. Do not leave cats or dogs outside overnight as they may fight and even kill birds and other animals in your neighborhood.

The best way to protect endangered species is keeping their habitats safe. When voting in the next election, vote wisely. We should support candidates who run on a platform dedicated to environmental protection.

We can also become politically involved by joining an organization dedicated to animal rights and welfare. We can help an organization by simply becoming a member, donating a small fee once a year. However, we can also volunteer our time and services. If we want to help endangered species, look into helping through direct action. Look up local branches of organizations dedicated to animal’s rights and welfare. See what opportunities there are to get involved.

Knowledge can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to helping endangered species. Use social media to educate your friends and family members. If people understand the necessity of immediate actions. They may be more likely to help for protecting endangered species.

One way to keep wild animals protected is to keep our garbage in secured cans or shelters that can lock. We do not want a wild animal to accidentally ingest something poisonous.

Conclusion and reflection
(Approximately words) Reference to Global issue and research question in the title
Answer to research question about the global issue in the title
Wildlife trafficking is the biggest threat.

Degree of confidence in the conclusion
High as based on much research, however combined effect of all other causes together may be a significant cause overall and so there is some doubt.

Learning Points
Wild life trafficking is more important than imagined at the outset; can cause extinction in some cases
Combining the problem is difficult without spreading awareness, and intervention from governments and wildlife conservation groups
How personal perspectives on the global issue have changed
Understand the need to protect endangered species more fully
Will undertake a volunteer programme to help locally
Surprised at how much influence human beings have on the natural world
Strength of the research, analysis and conclusions
Able to find a good range of sources
Used different types of evidence
Clear conclusion reached
Stimulating research that helped to develop personal perspectives
Weakness of the research, analysis and conclusion
Only researched two or three causes of endangerment to animals May need to recognize that different causes have greater impact in different areas
Issue more complex than single cause
Bibliography: www.onlinelearning.comGlobal Perspectives

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