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I take immense pleasure in recommending Ms. Sejal Varshney to the masters program at your prestigious institute. Sejal has worked as an intern in Madhya Pradesh Finance Corporation for three months. She is one of the best and most diligent interns we ever had.

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While working closely with Sejal on complex projects, I’ve had the opportunity to gauge her over different parameters. As a digitalization intern, her primary responsibility was to create computer programs and scripts that could be used to convert the corporate’s manual data to digital ‘clean’ data. Furthermore, developing softwares which could reduce the manual work and increase remote access were some of her responsibilities, which in turn improved the efficiency of the firm.


Sejal was the intern I noticed first in the batch of 8 selected interns, the reason being her out of the box thinking. She did not bluntly follow the conventional style of coding, but rather focused on optimising the code too. She always put forward her ideas in effective but non-threatening ways. She is a dependable and hardworking intern with solid problem-solving skills.


I have confidence in her talent and I am sure that she is inclined to give the best of her while attending the masters program. She is an excellent individual with a brilliant character. She has the capability of creating apt and most efficient piece of work, paying great attention to details without compromising quality.


Sejal has always been forthcoming to offer her assistance and is always willing to learn new things. She is capable of producing influential results in every field she engages herself in. Also, she has great communication and presentation skill as she could easily explain her work to the seniors of the office who weren’t particularly tech savvy. I completely expect her to excel and stand at the top of her career. Hence, I restate my endorsement of Ms. Sejal Varshney for your master’s program. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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