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Flight Nursing

Flight Nursing Career

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Flight nurses are highly specialized
registered nurses, trained to take care of patients aboard an aircraft. According
to an article I read “A state regulation requires individuals to be a nurse for
at least three years before they can be eligible to be a flight nurse” (Busch, 2014).
This means that a nurse must have some experience when considering a position
as a flight nurse.

Experience needed

A flight nurse position is normally
extremely intense, and it requires lots of training and knowledge. A flight
nurse must be highly skilled and able to work under a lot of pressure, when
dealing with trauma patients. Such skills are mastered through rigorous training
and experience.

Critical care skills

Flight nurses have to deal with emergency
situations and patients with life threatening injuries. Therefore, they must be
prepared for the worst case scenarios of trauma, especially when it comes to critical
and acute care emergency cases.

Love the job

As Kimberly Drummond Hayes, a
flight nurse, says on her article “The adrenaline rush, the fast-paced critical
care environment, the helicopter flight, and the satisfying feeling of helping
someone in desperate need were unlike anything I’d ever experienced.” (Flying
high, 2016). I think this quote says it all. We first must love what we do, in
order to be good at.


In conclusion, flight nursing Is definitely
a very challenging career and requires a lot of rigorous training and dedication.
However, with some years of experience, by mastering critical care skills and putting
passion and your heart into it, flight nursing is a rewarding career, indeed.


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