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Sympathetic to the principles of the Arts and Crafts
movement, L’Eplattenier advocated respect for local culture, materials, building
methods, and landscape. In this spirit Le Corbusier’s first house incorporates
most of the basic features of the region’s architecture: overhanging eaves,
complicated gables, and a clear disposition of materials according to their
structural role. There is a typical rusticated stone base of Yellow Neuchatel
stone and an expressed heavy timber frame with infill stuccoed panels. The building
is placed like most of the houses of the region with the major axis and gable
toward the view but with heightened sensitivity to its site. The land drops
away beneath the house so that the entrance level is high on the hill and
intimately scaeld, while the south façade is vertical and impossing. The living
room opens onto a balcony dramatically suspended over the slope. In conctrast,
the hollowed-out corner of the rusticated base hugs the ground. The plan
follows the outlines of the Arts and Crafts and Hermann Muthesius in its separation
of public and private areas and in its organization of the rooms around the
surprisingly lofty space of the stairwell in the north gable.

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