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Social media
platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have taken these trends alongside news
feed coming up as videos, which then results to exposure of these new formats. News
is moving through two shifts, one of them is the speed of people who are able
to access journalism by using their phones, and the other one is the
enlargement of people who read and watch the news by using social media such as
Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and snapchat. How the world changed social media
written by Daniel Miller stated  ‘Studies
of social media specific platforms including books and paper devoted to one
platform such as Facebook and Twitter, it is important to understand twitter as
a platform’ (Miller, 2016) pg1

What is
interesting about this is the development and the quickness of change, and the
change it has for journalism in general. ‘Who is a journalist’ is the question
that is the people to this day ask and now what people are more enthusiastic
about in asking is ‘Who is the publisher’. What news organisations and companies
have come to the realize is to be able to grab the reader’s attention they have
to publish through the social platforms by doing it this way they stand a much
better chance of viewers paying attention to what is being published and what
is happening, and it is a fantastic way of getting young readers involved.

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