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Sankara Eye Hospital organizes ‘Shikshana’, for a
healthy ocular vision


More than xxxx doctors from across the state shared their
insights and knowledge on eye care at the event

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January 28, 2018: Sankara Eye Hospital, one of
the leading provider of quality eye care in the country organized ‘Shikshana’, a one day extravaganza,
which witnessed participation from more than xxxxx doctors across the state. The event aimed at
providing a platform to interact and learn from the stalwarts in the field
regarding concepts, preferred current practices and recent advances in the ocular


The session
provided practical information regarding concepts, diagnosis, surgical tips and
management of ocular diseases in an interactive way to all the practicing
ophthalmologists and upcoming post graduate students who attended the event.
Some of the interesting topics include diseases of the LIDS, diseases like
orbital tumours and their treatment, diseases pertaining to the optic nerve and
the visual pathway.


The whole idea of
the seminar was to bring expert doctors together and discuss about the
developments in the ocular field. The main objective of the event was about: Oculoplastics,
a surgery which includes a wide variety of surgical procedures that deal with
the eye socket, eyelids, tear ducts, and the face and also the reconstruction
of the eye; the other topic was neuro-ophthalmology, a subspecialty that merges
the fields of neurology and ophthalmology, often dealing with complex systemic
diseases in the visual system.


The eyelids play a vital
role in maintaining a good vision and a healthy eye. The action of the eyelids all-encompassing
over the eye-ball brings in fresh, lubricating tears and removes debris. The
edge of the two upper eyelids and two lower eyelids should be symmetric. It is
important to understand the LIDS, and Lacrimal system of the eyes for a better ocular


are extremely overwhelmed with the response received for the event. The
session has certainly given more insights into the various unexplored aspects
of eye care treatment, and the recent technology advancements in the field. The
scientific extravaganza has been a highly successful event today and we are
certainly looking forward to organizing similar events that will help in knowledge
sharing and deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the
field.  “, said Dr. Saptagirish Rambhatla, xxxxxxxxx, Sankara Eye Hospital,



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