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I would look to congratulate Vishwas Hasija for his decision to start a new chapter of learning. I have known him during his under-graduation from HMR Institute of technology and Management, he has been awarded Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He is a very sincere student who has performed equally in academics and extra-curricular activities. On personal front he is very kind-hearted who is always on the front to help his fellows. He is a very responsible person who has accomplished all his duties while holding the post of Class Representative.

It was a great pleasure to mentor him in Data Warehousing & Data Mining and Computer graphics. He has participated energetically in theory class and practical labs. A very enthusiastic, whilst learning the concept of JAVA, he has shown courage to go out of box and willingness to learn new technologies like Android. Apart from learning basic of Data Management Systems, he has shown eagerness to learn the advance concepts of Data Management System and Data Warehousing & Data Mining. He implemented his learning practically during lab sessions and his major project. He has demonstrated great leadership qualities while participating in Technical fests held at different institutions. His active participation in extra-curricular activities in and out of college has never impacted his grades. I am spellbound with his decision of perusing higher studies. I want to assure you that he will excel not only in academics but also participate in extra-curricular activities and will do his best to keep your faith in his abilities.  His optimistic nature and down to earth personality will make the positive influence on the campus. His curiosity to learn with the willingness to take risk pursue me to recommend him for Master of Science without any second thought. Once again, I’d also like to wish him good luck in his journey of success. 

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