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Structural strength can be explained as the protection of integrity, without structural deformation, under preloaded loading conditions against all internal and external forces. But there is no form can be protected against all the forces without distorting its shape. For example, when a soft metal pipe is pulled from both ends by machines, the length will increase after a while and we will examine it from the center line its thickness get thinner or if we press the sides upwards after a certain period of time, its middle will fall down. There are a lot of examples like this and this. (Ref )There are two important points in this resistance against the forces.1.The portion that reaches to the elastic deformation and corresponds to the flow point.2.The extent of the flow limit that also specified as the stress.The structural strength of a ship in engineering terminology is determined by two important conditions I have mentioned. In order to be safe against specified loading conditions and against all forces and loads that may be externally influenced, the self-tension of the build must remain under yield stress. This ratio is limited to about 6% or even less.The ship is a complex building with a lot of structural details. Based on the static assumption of longitudinal strength (structural strength) of the ship in the loading condition, the calculation of the cross-sectional shear force and bending moment distributions of the loads acting on the ship in the direction of the acceptance of the structural integrity as a beam and the preparation of the section in such a way as to be based on the case where the stress is less than the yield limit, all of the examinations for determining the problems to be caused due to the deterioration which may be happening possibility on the sectional surfaces can be determined as the strength of the ship. (ref den431e)Nonetheless, the possible analysis problems can be solved by making some changes in weight distribution or the mid ship sectional strength module.  (ref erkek tez)Generally, the analysis
are done while the movement of the ship is very slow in the case of calm water
and very long period fluctuations.Therefore, the
dynamic loads that can occur due to their level that can be neglected. In this direction, loads can be assumed as static
assumptions while longitudinal strength is considered

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