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A Man Falls to His Death
seeks to address why life and death are significant and impactful. This poem necessitates
close reading in order to examine the basic subject of it. After analyzing it a
plenty of times, I can say that death and factors revolving in the society are
the main focus of Bautista’s literary piece.

reading it, a question formed on my mind. Is it a murder or suicide? On the
latter part of the poem, there is a sentence that has ellipsis on the end which
means there will be a continuation. I think it’s an obituary page which has an
important announcement. Nevertheless, I think it’s a suicide. I believe that he
works on a company and he took his own life because he had a fight with a
superior. The use of mathematical terms for me was only for explaining how the
man falls to his death and to confuse the readers’ mind. By examining the text
itself, it is quite hard so I have to include outside influences to grasp a
better understanding.

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using biographical criticism, it helped me to interpret the poem. This kind of
approach insisted that to comprehend a piece, we also need to look for the
author’s biography and personal experiences. To begin with, Bautista came from
a poor family with uneducated parents (“Cirilo Bautista,” 2014). The misfortune
of his family was not a hindrance for what he has become; The National Artist
for Literature. When he had an interview with the Manila Times, he said that he
was always glad to see words come to life and I think it’s one of the reasons why
he wrote the poem because it relates, illustrates and explains life. He also gave
his services to President Marcos way back in the past. History defines that
Marcos’ period was a dark period but for Bautista, it was not. Art and
Literature flourished most during this time according to him. Some people focus
on the complicated things that took place on this era while disregarding the
essential ones. Just like in the poem, readers tend to focus on complicated
terms that it suppresses the meaning of the piece.

utilization of author’s experiences made me connect the poem into the reality.
Factors in the society that are interconnected to death seem to be clear now.
First is the media; where existence of a high level of inaccuracies is present.
The level of inaccuracy noticed is even higher when the public has first-hand
knowledge of a news story (“Current Problems,” 2010). The media is sometimes
inefficient that it collects only little information that it overpowers the
true happenings within certain news. The media often focuses on how a person
died and I think that the respect on life has always been set aside. And
lastly, one of the real problems is us. We always have our center of attention
on the technicality of something; we need to remember the reasons behind everything.
Just what have being said in the poem, Blood is Nothing, Space is All. Death
refers to blood and we are disrespecting what life really is. We always think
of “what happened?” and “how does that happened?” that we forget to ask “why
does that happened” and that we misses the emotional understanding on a person’s
death because of different academic and social constructs.

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