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     A methodology is a system of methods and
principles to do something or lead to a solution of a specific problem or
study. To get solution of a problem, the data or methods used is known as
methodology. The club focused on some main approaches to solve the volunteering
problem that they currently faces; increasing awareness, making connections and
creating a sustainable volunteering relationships. (Recruiting College Student
Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity)

     “The survey consisted of question that
inquired about the students’ interest in volunteering. In order to formulate a
recruitment strategy, the survey asked some objective questions such as their
school graduation year, whether or not they live on campus, and the extra
curriculums in which they participate. Students were also asked if they are
required to volunteer for any academic or extracurricular reasons and whether
they have volunteered in the past or are currently volunteering.”(Recruiting
College student volunteers for Habitat for Humanity) Students were asked if
their schools provided transportation to any other volunteering opportunities.
The survey was created using an online resource called Survey Monkey.

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     For this study, I conducted a survey to
find out more about volunteers recruiting. I did a survey of 10 questions and
sent those to the organization and students. The questions I sent out are:-

·       What is the objective of the volunteers?

·       Is the organization registration registered?

·       Do you monitor volunteers’ performance?

·       Do you provide healthcare and education
benefits to volunteers?

·       Do you give security to volunteers?

·       How many volunteers work here?

·       Do send volunteers abroad for
humanitarian purpose?

·       Do the volunteers require prior

·       Do you provide training to volunteers?

·       Do the volunteers perform fundraising

     These questions were developed to find out
the understanding of students’ feeling toward volunteering. The survey result
showed the types of student who are most likely to volunteer as well as what
would motivated them to continue volunteering.

     To establish long term relationship with
volunteers the club will have to make connection with the institution as well.
The question used in the survey yielded patterns and indicated factors that influenced
these volunteers. In order to maintain a sustainable relationship the club will
have to take up certain measures. The club can provide extensive training to
volunteers and motivation and how they are making a difference in the
community. This will expand their minds and they will be more interested in
delivering services to the people. (Recruiting College Students Volunteers for
Habitat for Humanity)





     The results show that volunteers are
interested in doing humanitarian services. They are also interested in selling
products at the concession stand. However, the club has to provide some
incentive in order to retain them. The club can give free lunch and transport
facilities to the volunteers. The results also indicate that the volunteers
required security at their workplace. The mission and objective and the job
description will have to be clear. The results also show what day the
volunteers are free for volunteering. Usually they are free on Friday and
during the weekends. The study shows that more female students are interested
in providing volunteer service than male.

Volunteers available time


         No. of volunteers















Figure :No.of volunteers are present

Ratios of male  and female who wants to volunteer



My results
say that volunteering should be done to serve community and people. If the club
members and admins are friendly than volunteers will be more willing to do the job.
The environment will also have to be suitable. Therefore, if the club follows
all these models than it can get more volunteers. My research design was survey
however, conducting interviews of students and organizations will improve my results. Doing more research can give us a more lucid result.



     The research that I have conducted will
help the soccer club to recruit more volunteers. It can improve its services
that are offer to the volunteers. If it follows best practices carried out by
popular organizations such as Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity then it will
see more volunteers working for the organization.  The survey result will also help them to
fulfill the volunteers’ needs. However, if more research is carried out such as
interviews than the organization will have a clear perspective of recruiting,
retaining, motivational aspect and developing a good relationship with the volunteers.

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