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A course in ICT gives me the opportunity to link my ability
and interests in the use and development of Digital Technology with my passion
to communicate with people; using these qualities to help try make a positive
difference in their life by aiding them in any problems they may have with
regards to IT problems. This makes it the perfect course for me as I have
always been fascinated with the development and usage of digital technology
where the ultimate goal is to help with this development.

To ensure I had a secure basis for studying ICT at
university, I chose the BTEC subjects ICT and Business. It is incredible to be
able to see the ideas of ICT link with the ideas of business management such as
the specific units of Social Media and Digital Marketing. The studying of ICT
has laid a strong foundation in the field whilst business has taught me the key
usage and management ideas that work alongside the technical knowledge of ICT.

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From the smallest to the largest of business, ICT plays a
huge part of the overall management of it. This is why the skilled management
of the ICT systems within a company is very important. I believe that building upon
my existing knowledge and expertise in these areas through the ICT university
course will teach me the essential technical skills required to not only manage
ICT systems but also leadership skills needed to run projects and manage team
members efficiently.

I had the great opportunity to be able to attend 2
interactive lectures by two hugely successful business, Google and Perkins, about
their incorporation of ICT within their company. This taught me a great deal of
expertise is required to manage huge business ICT systems and requires constant
checking and management with teams with 100s of members. An ICT course at your
university will help me understand these expert skills in more detail and be
able to implement them in IT related problems to help meet the requirements set
by the client.

Over the summer holidays, I had the amazing opportunity to
conduct some work at TyresWorld, a tyre distributing company, as a digital co-ordinator.
I was given the job of creating spreadsheet documents outlining the monthly
expenditure and income. Alongside this, I created a database outlining every
customer with their details and what they purchase, making the overall running
of the business more efficient. To ensure I was gathering the correct
information and costs, I had to communicate with fellow associates.

It is easy sometimes for students to solely focus on
education and neglect any outside activities. I have always been careful to
make sure I balance my lifestyle by engaging in stress relieving
extra-curricular activities which also help me develop my personality. For
instance, playing football with a group of my friends where often I am the
captain, leading the team to victory the majority of the time. This has not
only built my team working and leadership capabilities, is has allowed me to be
able to work with different types of people; something that will be imperative
when dealing with clients and customers as an IT professional.

My strong interests in ICT, as reflected in my studies;
extra-curricular activities; and the extra learning I do on these subjects out
of school, will ensure that I approach the ICT course with the same positive
attitude. Although ICT is a demanding, however, rewarding course, I believe my
strong work ethic and dedication alongside my ability to balance my social and
work life well, will enable me to be able to achieve the benefits of studying
at your University. 

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